August 2016

Monday 1 August 2016
Repeat show from Wednesday 10 July 2013.

Tuesday 2 August 2016
Repeat show from Monday 15 June 2015.

Wednesday 3 August 2016
Combine fats and vegetables together to pull out the fatty phytonutrients. The ketogenic is an official medical protocol for seizure disorders. Salt, fat and sugar are irresistible flavours. Zack has acne, dandruff and milia. John from Michigan has friends with Parkinson’s disease. Dianne has been using Ben’s Truth skin products.

Thursday 4 August 2016
The ketogenic diet is a great diet for brain health. MCT’s and coconut oil. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which is a short chain fat. The low fat diet myth. Eugene from Oregon has prostate cancer and has a question about his DEHA dosage. Karen from Texas has a son with acne and is on accutane. Pam from California has redness in her face from broken capillaries.

Friday 5 August 2016
Talking about how the lipid and fat hypothesis of heart disease came about. The mainstream dieticians still recommend high carbohydrate and low fat diet. Karl from Oregon has comment about Tylenol. Robin from Oklahoma is still experiencing fatigue after following some of Ben’s advice. Michael from Washington has a daughter who is bipolar.

Monday 8 August 2016
Eating fat does not necessarily make you overweight. Visceral fat is associated with heart disease and diabetes. CLA. Jo from Tennessee has a son who is trying to loose weight. Also has a question about colon cancer. Rick from Michigan has a grandson with psoriasis on his face.

Tuesday 9 August 2016
Talking about CLA and the microbiome. CLA for female health and pregnancy. GUEST – Robynne Chutkan author of The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out. The hygiene hypothesis and disease. Yeast and candida infections are overgrowths. Microbiome health strategies.

Wednesday 10 August 2016
The idea that fat causes weight gain is a mainstream idea. However if we consume fats with insulin spiking foods we can gain weight. Breast milk contains cholesterol and endo-cannabinoids. Mark from Ohio has a question about creatine. Matt from Toronto has chronic sinusitis and can’t smell or taste.

Thursday 11 August 2016
Human breast milk contains CLA and endo-cannabinoids. Sources of CLA. Carnitine is a fat burning ketogenic supplement. Tristan from Canada has brown lines on his finger nails. Karl for Oregon has a problem consuming dairy products.

Friday 12 August 2016
Repeat show from Tuesday 8 July 2014.

Monday 15 August 2016
The ketogenic diet is a high fat diet but this does not mean high calories. It means a high proportion of your daily calories should be fat. Still need to practice calorie restriction. The mind and body relationship. The mind should listen to the body. Andre from Oklahoma has a question about selenium dosages. Bob from Minnesota has a question about raising the levels of the hormone glucagon. Mary Anne from Ohio tried the ketogenic diet. Ronald from Massachusetts has diverticulitis. Gale from New Jersey has an ocular migraine.

Tuesday 16 August 2016
Repeat show from Tuesday 10 march 2015.

Wednesday 17 August 2016
Repeat show from Friday 28 March 2014.

Thursday 18 August 2016
Talking about the ketogenic diet. Fats are the most dense form of food energy. This energy can be called the life force. Deep slow, correct breathing is needed to get the oxygen for the energy process in the cells. Oxygen is important for releasing the energy from foods. Paying attention, and listening to our bodies. Irma from Michigan has had open heart surgery and would like to wean off her prescription drugs. Mary from Michigan is experiencing nausea. Gale from New Jersey has a friend with achalasia. Angela has acne.

Friday 19 August 2016
Talking about the pleasure and reward brain chemistry of addictions. The ketogenic diet and increasing dopamine levels in the brain. Carnitine is needed to transport fat into the mitochondria. Kathleen from Boston has a question about chelated magnesium supplement. Also has a question about yeast. Spanky from Florida has a question about curcumin.

Monday 22 August 2016
Talking about carnitine and fat burning. Mitochondria merged with a bacterial cell to make eukaryote cells. Carnitine, fat and heart disease. Todd has a question about psoriasis and anhidrosis.

Tuesday 23 August 2016
Talking about prescription drugs used to treat heart disease. The medical model wants us on drugs to manage risk factors even if we are healthy. GUEST – Luke Adler author of Born to Heal. Emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Chinese medicine.

Wednesday 24 August 2016
There is not a single drug that will improve your health. Carnitine can improve the health of your heart and your brain. Acetylcarnitine or ALCAR. Muscle cells can burn fat for energy. Slowing down the energy input from food especially sugar can help burn off body fat. Sandy from Florida has a mother with sciatica.
Thursday 25 August 2016
Talking about carnitine, fat and mitochondria. Fasting between 5pm and 11am will up regulate your ketone production or ketogenesis as well as fat burning. Ramone from Nevada has had success using the youngevity product for personal training. Wes from Idaho has a comment about the movie vaxxed. Amanda has a friend with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis DISH.

Friday 26 August 2016
Repeat show from Monday 13 June 2016.

Monday 29 August 2016
Talking about the ketogenic diet and how sugar and insulin impact on our health. Fasting from 4pm to 12pm the next day will help burn fat and generate some ketones. The high to low blood sugar roller coaster can start at a very early age. The link between the digestive system and the blood sugar system. Breakfast is the most important meal to skip. Protein and exercise go together. Vitamin C and connective tissue diseases. The connection between the mind and the body.

Tuesday 30 August 2016
Talking about dietary fibre and digestive health. Insoluble fibre and soluble fibre. Sources of soluble fibre. Dextrin, methylcellulose and maltodextrin. Robert from Las Vegas has a question about GMO in the youngevity products. Angela from Florida has adrenal acne.

Wednesday 31 August 2016
Talking about gut bacteria and dietary fibre. The link between cholesterol and heart disease is not there. Letter from a lady in the UK who’s doctor wants to start her on statin drugs. Dr Drew has been using the retinol gel for his wrinkles. Wes from Idaho has a question about autism and the diet.