February 2015

Monday 2 February 2015
Talking about anxiety. How to activate the relaxation nervous system as well as calming brain wave activity. The fear response shuts down the immune system. Meditation, mental health and the parasympathetic nervous system. Meditation is not just a spiritual practice. Athletes use meditation and visualisation for training their minds. NFL teams even have group meditation. The pharmaceutical, skin care and marketing industry all grew up together. Meditation and watching your thoughts activates the alpha brain wave state. Robert from Nevada has a question about where the names for prescription drugs come from. Tera from north Carolina had success with using colloidal silver for an infection. Sharon from Austin has a question about eggs.

Tuesday 3 February 2015
Talking about mental and emotional stress. The idea between body and mind. Paying attention. The power of the mind to feel sensations like pain. Placing your attention on the body for relaxation. Dietary nitrates and nitrites. Nitric oxide. Barbara from Texas has a dentist who wants to remove a tooth. Tyler from Tennessee has a question about natural viagra and erectile dysfunction. Tera from North Carolina has a question about skin tags. Shane from North Carolina has a mother who has been diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica or pain in the muscles.

Wednesday 4 February 2015
Talking about nitric oxide and anxiety. The many benefits of nitric oxide. How nitric oxide is sprayed out of cells to effect the surrounding area. Laura from Ohio has a friend who has been diagnosed with hashimoto’s thyroid and acid reflux. Karl from Oregon uses colloidal silver for when he feels like he’s getting a cold. Mark from Ohio has a question about a device called the em-wave which is heart rate device. Heart Map. Also has a question about GABA and leaky gut. Barbara from Texas has narcolepsy and is on amphetamine like drugs. Lauri from Montana has been struggling with digestive and thyroid issues.

Thursday 5 February 2015
Talking about the effects of nitric oxide deficiencies on degenerative disease. Nitroglycerine was one of the first prescription drugs. Nitric oxide and how it opens up the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Vasodilation. The parasympathetic nervous system and deep breathing techniques. Cindy from Virginia has a question about brain building amino acids. Also has a question about hemorrhoids. Dianne from Texas has chronic head aches which coincide with her menstrual cycle. Melanie has hypothyroid issues. Jed from Kentucky has been experimenting with nitrous oxide.

Friday 6 February 2015
Talking about nitric oxide and the circulatory system and the heart. Nitric oxide, mental health and the brain. Nitric oxide and exercise. Techniques to up regulate nitric oxide in the body. Processed foods and their nitrogen content. Meats and their nitrogen content. Nitrates and nitrites for building nitric oxide. Quince from Florida is reading a book about nitric oxide which agrees with what Ben is saying about nitric oxide. Ramone from Texas has had success with reversing MS multiple sclerosis. Also has a friend with sepsis or dirty blood. Steve has a friend with ringing in their ears. Uncle Jed has a comment about William James. Jed has been using nitrous oxide.

Monday 9 February 2015
Talking about dietary nitrates and nitrites and how they boost nitric oxide levels in the body. Plant derived minerals like those in the Beyond tangy tangerine contain nitrates. Nitrates and nitrites on meats and food. Comment about herbal supplements. Nitrates and nitrites and how they react with proteins to produce nitrosamines especially when they are heated. Nitrates and nitrites are used as preservatives especially in the processed meat industry. John from Michigan has a question about bacon and ham. Uncle Jed from Kentucky has experienced some healing properties from breathing nitrous oxide for extended periods of time. Steve from Pennsylvania has a question about nitrites and nitrogen in the atmosphere.

Tuesday 10 February 2015
Talking about nitrates and nitrites. Using coconut oil to wash your mouth. Breast milk and its nitrate content. Nitrates and nitrites used as preservatives in food can turn into nitrosamines when heated. Nitrates and nitrites and their use by athletes. We all should be body building or in net anabolic mode. Celery and beetroot juice. Being a vegetarian and body building. Charlie from Texas has sludge in her coronary arteries and has had her gallbladder removed. Tony from Texas has a question about cooking food in a microwave. Patricia from California has a friend with atrial fibrillation. Sarhan from Virginia has a question about stearic acid and magnesium stearate in nutritional supplements. Also has dandruff.

Wednesday 11 February 2015
Talking about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and health. These kind of healing modalities have been marginalized by the medical model. There are no medical procedures that can up regulate emotional health. Sources of dietary nitrates and nitrites. Irene from Canada thinks she has problems with inulin and IBS irritable bowel syndrome. Dilute the Beyond tangy tangerine to your taste and sip it through out the day. Pat from Indiana has a husband with prostate problems. Karl from Oregon has an infection on his thumb.

Thursday 12 February 2015
Talking about nitrates and nitrites as nutrients. Dietary sources of nitrates and nitrites. Parsley. Exercise and body building using vegetables. Use nitrates and nitrites from vegetables not from preservatives on meats and processed foods. Beetroot and its nitrate content. Juicing your vegetables. Roxanne from South Carolina has a question about Bens new skin health products. Mary from Michigan has a question about parsley tea and nitrates. Also has a question about beans, nitrates and fermentation. Also a question about HCL and digestive enzymes. Jean Pierre from Texas has sleep apnoea. Rudy from Texas freekenthovind.com.

Friday 13 February 2015
Talking about nitrates and nitrites. Nitrogen and its high energy properties. Processed meats and food have preservatives that can turn into nitrosamines. Use vegetables for your sources of nitrates and nitrites. Juicing your vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of nitrates. Vegetables have co-factors like bioflavonoids. Industrial fertilizers and nitrates. Fertilizer run off into water sources is a problem. Cathy from Missouri is a cancer survivor and has lesions on her spleen and liver. Bill from Alabama has a friend with diabetes. Stacy from Florida has had success with colitis by changing his diet.

Monday 16 February 2015
Repeat show from Monday 5 January 2015.

Tuesday 17 February 2015
Repeat show from Thursday 12 February 2015.

Wednesday 18 February 2015
Talking about nitrates for the skin and making skin masks using vegetables. Nitric oxide boosting skin mask. The bright side is about simplicity so we can take control of our own health and well being. Keeping the blood and lymph fluid moving efficiently through the body so every cell in the body can function at its optimal level. Health and well being is not a doctors business or concern. Benefits of juicing your vegetables and mixing them with oils like coconut oil or butter. Make sure the oil is fresh and not rancid. NFAs or nitro fatty acids and the mediterranean diet. Jacob from Texas has a question about oils going rancid in the blood stream. Also has question about taking lithium orotate. David from Florida has a question about exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. Don from Georgia has a question about rebuilding nerve damage. Cindy from Santa Cruz has a question about when to take her supplements. Also has a question about her husband who gets blood shot red eyes. Wes from Idaho has a comment about freekenthovind.com.

Thursday 19 February 2015
Talking about nitric oxide and nitrates. Nitric oxide and the health of the circulatory system. Keeping the blood and lymph fluid moving efficiently. How to turn on nitric oxide production in the body using mild stress. Mild stress can up regulate anti ageing and pro health chemistry. Leaving your comfort zone. NFAs or nitro fatty acids and the mediterranean diet. Oil soluble nutrients in vegetables. Make sure your oils are not rancid. Coconut oil and butter are good oils. Mike from Kansas has a question about manuka honey and oil of oregano. Jose from Washington DC has leaky gut syndrome. Wes from Idaho has a comment about Dr Andrew Wakefield. Steven from Pennsylvania has a comment about oxygen fixing bacteria in the lungs. Also has a question about sleep and regenerating ATP in the body. Ketogenic diet.

Friday 20 February 2015
Talking about oils and fats and how they go rancid. Oils attract oxygen and oxidise which make them go rancid. Moisturising creams for the skin can contain oils. The fatty nature of vegetables and the fatty nutrients they contain. Water soluble and fat soluble nutrients. Phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables are found in trace amounts. Nutritional soap like bile helps digest the nutrients from your vegetables. Coconut oil. Kelly from South Carolina has been going through menopause and has a question about fenugreek microgreens. Hot flushes are sign of the body in distress. Holly from Nebraska has a son who has Sotos syndrome and weak muscles in the digestive system and constipation. Karl from Oregon has a comment about X2 nascent iodine. Leon has a water cyst on his kidney.

Monday 23 February 2015
Talking about combing good oils like coconut oil and butter with vegetables. Vegetables contain fatty nutrients. Skin health, eye health and the sun. Bad meme’s or ideas like throwing out the egg yolk. Staying out of the sun and using lots of sun cream is a bad idea. Braising your vegetables with butter and salt. Juicing your vegetables. Coconut oil and MCT’s or medium chain triglyceride’s. Cindy from Capitola has shingles. Anne from North Carolina has acne and would like to loose some weight. Has a question about drinking water with salt. Chuck from Michigan has a wife with stomach cancer and anaemia. Leon from Portland has a water cyst on his kidney.

Tuesday 24 February 2015
The body is a healing system and we have a right to access it. Oils and fats. Nutrients that are water soluble and nutrients that are fat soluble. Mixing salt and oil with your vegetables. Doughnuts and French fries are tasty because they have salt and fats and sugar. Coconut oil and MCT’s or medium chain triglyceride’s. Sharon from Texas thinks she might have gall stones. Debbie from Florida has sinus and head ache problems. Karen from Texas has had her gall bladder removed. Leo has a comment about animals in the wild and how they don’t get sick. worldgonecrazy.net

Wednesday 25 February 2015
Talking about the coconut and its many uses. Mixing coconut oil with spices for a massage oil. Substances can be fat soluble or water soluble. MCT’s medium chain triglyceride’s can be water dispersible. MCT’s are used for energy in the body. Coconut oils is 60 – 70 % MCT’s. Fats are known as triglyceride’s. Short chain fatty acids help the large intestines. Fibre is important for good digestion. Long chain triglyceride’s. Brian from New Hampshire has a question about baking soda and vitamin C. He’s also having a problem helping his mother with diabetes. Leon has a water cyst on his kidney. Also has a question about his daughter who gets itchy skin when she goes out in the sun. Alexander from New York is having problems with constipation and bowel movements.

Thursday 26 February 2015
Talking about the different kinds of fats like saturated fats and poly unsaturated fats. Butter has short chains fats like butyric acid. Gut bacteria feed on fibre in the digestive system and produce butyric acid. Rose has a question about coconut oil in clear containers or plastic containers. Richard from Texas has a comment about Dr Jennifer Daniels. Has a question about magnesium stearate in nutritional supplements. GUEST – Sonia Satra. Motivation and exercise video Moticise. Visualization and goal setting. Consciously creating your life. http://www.Moticise.com. The connection between the body and the mind. Brain plasticity and exercise. Moving your body.

Friday 27 February 2015
Repeat show.