July 2014

Tuesday 1 July 2014
Talking about fibroids, oestrogen and digestive health. The health of the pancreas. Autism and schizophrenia go hand in hand with dirty blood, digestive issues and microbiome or gut bacteria in-balances. The link between the brain and the digestive system. Negative burdens and positive burdens on the body. The liver and how it process hormones like oestrogen. Chris from Maryland has a mother with abdominal adhesions after abdominal surgery. Beth from Texas is bipolar which used to be called manic depressive disorder.

Wednesday 2 July 2014
Talking about corporations and how they have the same rights as humans. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatitis. The liver is a food processing organ. Hepatitis is a liver problem. Liver health supplements. Julie from Alabama has rheumatoid arthritis.

Thursday 3 July 2014
Talking about arginine and how it is a conditional supplement. Liver health issues. Digestive problems and cardiovascular health. Explaining the difference between allopathic medicine and a good nutritional supplement program. The liver and processing oestrogen. Menopause symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, mood changes, night sweats, insomnia. Alicia from Texas has a success story about hyperthyroidism and liver problems. Jeff from Minnesota is on kidney dialysis and has a question about his bowl movements. Jay from Indiana noticed things floating in his eye.

Friday 4 July 2014
Repeat show from Monday 18 February 2013.

Monday 7 July 2014
Talking about liver health and arginine. Supplements to support liver health. Arginine and cholesterol. Statins drugs are a toxin that the liver has to process. Cholesterol is a building block for hormones. Cholesterol is a growth and repair substance. Crisco vegetable shortening and its introduction. Cindy from Virginia has a mother with glaucoma. Joan from Texas has developed an itchy rash.

Tuesday 8 July 2014
GUEST – Sonia Barrett author of Health, An Inside Job. Talking about how she got into the health business. People are conditioned to feel sick and illness is marketed to you in an entertaining way. Her film The Business of Disease. thebusinessofdisease.com and spiritinform.com. Talking about emotions, thoughts and how they effect the body physically. How emotions and stress can cause disease. The sub-consciousness mind. Religion is sold as different ideas.

Wednesday 9 July 2014
Talking about the failure of the lipid hypothesis, cholesterol and heart disease. Statin drugs. Synthetic fats like crisco. Crystallized cotton seed oil, which was marketed as a vegetable oil. Crisco was marketed as healthier, more modern and more scientific than animal products and butter. Grains and carbohydrates are still marketed as heart healthy. Insulin and sugar elevation in the blood also up regulate the production of cholesterol. Arginine, diabetics and insulin. Ian from Ohio has a friend who is fainting also called syncopy. Also a question about intermittent fasting and building muscle. Beverly from buffalo has a question about excess mucus production. Greg from Texas has a friend with tinea versicolor.

Thursday 10 July 2014
Repeat show from Wednesday 8 May 2013.

Friday 11 July 2014
Repeat show from Wednesday 10 July 2013.

Monday 14 July 2014
Talking about Ben’s dad who just had a stroke. How short life really is and how early some people start breaking down. Over 10% of Americans are taking a statin drug. Diabetes, dysglycemia and cholesterol in the blood. A1C blood sugar test for diabetics and the problems with diabetic diagnosis numbers. Letter from Patrick who’s mother had blood pressure problems and had great success reversing her symptoms using the bright side philosophy. Cindy from Virginia has bad itching or dermatitis. She has also been on withdrawal from anti-psychotic drugs. John in Austin has friend with shingles. Ron from Austin has postural hypertension which means he gets dizzy when he stands up.

Tuesday 15 July 2014
Talking about elevated cholesterol being a blood sugar issue and dysglycemia. Controlling cholesterol by controlling dysglycemia and not using doctors. Eat cholesterol. Brianne Hovey host of Natural Solutions Online Health Summit. naturalsolutionshealthsummit.com Promotion code – HS1002. Justin from California has alopecia or severe hair loss. Rose in Virginia has a fiend who had his thyroid removed and feels like sleeping all the time.

Wednesday 16 July 2014
Talking about dysglycemia and elevated blood sugar in relation to cholesterol. Niacin and arginine for controlling blood sugar. Letter from Kaitlyn who has shooting pain through her whole body as well as kidney problems. Rosie from New York has a tear in her meniscus and her son has autism. GUEST – Baker Dan author of Beating Arthritis Alternative Cooking. Talking about the foods he eats to control his arthritis. Bakerdan.com.

Thursday 17 July 2014
Talking about niacin and statin drugs. Nutrition and nutrients do not work the same as prescription drugs. Jake has a friend with a radiation burn from a cancer treatment. Arginine and its healing properties. Niacin and niacinamide. Jacqueline writes about her cystic acne. Nanette from Ohio has a daughter with seizures, headaches and depression. Wes from Idaho has a question about cannabinoids and Rick Simpsons cannabis oil for cancer. Video Run From The Cure on youtube. Shelia from Wisconsin has a daughter who broke her ankle and is still having troubles with inflammation.

Friday 18 July 2014
Catabolism ,anabolism and metabolism. Your metabolic activity should be building and not breaking down. Wound healing on the skin and arginine. Scaring is damage to the dermal level of the skin. Letter from Jay who has toe nail fungus, alopecia and dry skin. Dianne in Cincinnati has a duodenal ulcer which is usually cause by H pylori. GUEST – Jordan Rubin talking about the SueroViv product and fasting. Sodium and potassium. Structured water and absorption of vitamins and minerals. Surface tensions of liquids like water and milk. 3 day cleanse using Suero Viv. The pour of the sour taste and sugar cravings.

Monday 21 July 2014
Talking about skin wounds. The dermis and epidermis of the skin. Healing skin and scar tissue on the skin. Keeping the wound healthy, nourished and oxygenated. Topical nutrients and treatments for wounds on the skin. Therapy for oxygenating wounds for healing. Cindy from Virginia has been going through psychotropic drug withdrawal and has constipation and is taking laxative drugs. Ralf from Maryland has a question about the ASAP diet. Nancy from Tennessee has a grand baby that has been stung by wasps.

Tuesday 22 July 2014
Talking about wound healing. Bleeding comes from the dermis layer of the skin. Keeping the wound healthy, nourished and oxygenated. Oxygen is primary to healing. Diabetics have a problem with wounds not healing. Delivering oxygen to wound using the procedure called THOT Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. Fats and essential fatty acids are oxygen magnets. Fats can go rancid if they are over oxidised. This is why Dr Wallach says you have to be careful with your oils not to let them go rancid thus negating their benefits. OZONE is three oxygen molecules rather than the normal 2. OZONated oil or ozonate oil. Rose from Virginia has a friend with a bad wound. Chris from Texas has a question about peach allergies and the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Also a question about taurine dosage. Man from Oregon who’s 95 year old mother has a wound on her leg.

Wednesday 23 July 2014
Talking about wound healing on the skin. The molecule nitrogen is a work horse for the body. Protein and nitrogen. Scars on the skin and how they form. Alzheimers disease is like a wounding in the brain. Scarring can occur inside the body. Alzheimers is a build up of fibres in the brain cells just like a scar. Once a scar is formed no amount of topical treatment can get rid of a scar. Always try to prevent the scar forming by using topical nutrients before. David from Toronto is a diabetic and is on intravenous treatment for a wound on his toe. Rosella from Texas has fibroids on her uterus, and also had her gall bladder removed. Robert from Colorado has a question about what Dr Wallach says about oils. Dr Wallach says you have to be careful with your oils not to let them go rancid thus negating their benefits. Good fresh oils that have not been heated.

Thursday 24 July 2014
Talking about preventing scars using nutrition. Topical treatments for wounds. Story of King David and spiders from the bible. Insects and their nutritional value. If you don’t want eat insects you can get chitin and chitosan. Cindy from Virginia has a post nasal drip. Lydia has a friend who think she’s taking too much vitamin A. Kathleen from Boston has a pain in her side and thinks its gall bladder or liver related. Lynelle has a mother in law with a skin condition her leg.

Friday 25 July 2014
Repeat show from Wednesday 27 February 2013.

Monday 28 July 2014
GUEST – Dr. Ellington Darden author of The Body Fat Break Through. Talking about how he got into weight lifting and body building. The nautilus gym equipment and HIT, high intensity training. How much weight can you lower rather than how much weight can you lift. Muscles are built during rest and sleeping. Talking about protein and carbohydrates for building muscle.

Tuesday 29 July 2014
Talking about wound healing and glucosamine which is used in the body to make the healing molecule hyaluronic acid. Glucosamine and shell fish allergies. Glucosamine and vitamin C for wound healing. Vitamin C is the rate limiting step for making collagen which is important for wound healing. Topical vitamin C. Cindy from Virginia has a question about serotonin and deep breathing to calm down. Tera from North Carolina has a question about her baby’s skin pigment. Also a question about the Amasi milk and Suero Viv. John from Pennsylvania has a father with arthritis, degenerating discs, back and lower leg pain. Rory has a mother in law who has been a vegetarian and had her thyroid removed because of graves disease.

Wednesday 30 July 2014
Talking about wound healing strategies being useful even you do not have a wound. The wound healing process is an anabolic process. Protein and cholesterol for the wound healing process. The skin and cholesterol for stimulating cell growth. Chitin and chitosan. Colin from northern Ireland has a friend with type 2 diabetes and hemochromatosis. Rory from California has a mother in law who is a vegetarian and had her thyroid removed because of graves disease. Pat from Indiana has a dog with kidney problems. Brian from Atlanta has a father who was a veteran and dealt with agent orange and had a heart bypass.

Thursday 31 July 2014
Talking about wounds that are slow to heal being a degenerative health issue. Wound healing strategies like taurine. Eating less sugar so you can increase insulin sensitivity. Zinc for wound healing. Diabetics and slow wound healing. Diabetes is an elevated blood sugar problem which means we can control or get rid of diabetes by reducing our blood sugar. Jo from Oklahoma has a friend with spinal problems and had success with Youngevity products. Chris from Texas has a question about Fodmap diet or fructose diet. Also a question about nutrient dense plants. Cindy from Virginia has a question about when to introduce foods after a fast. Wally from Texas had success with feeling sluggish and feels like a live wire after using bone soup. Also has a question about the Ebola virus and the vaccine.