April 2024

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The Bright Side radio show talks about the World of nutrition and supplementation, the World of the Body, World of Biology and so much more are standard operating procedures. Recoveries by the standard of modern medicine can only be called a miracle. The healing, renewing, regenerating system is just how the body is designed and works.

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Saturday 6 April 2024: Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that raises risks for heart disease, cancer, blood pressure issues, and so many other conditions. Insulin Resistance is when a body stops listening to insulin. Syndrome X. Dysglycemia. Balance your sugars, work on your sugars. Liver health. Niacin or Vitamin B3 is important. Its not normal to have a little fatty liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver, NASH. The number one reason of fatty liver is metabolic syndrome, dysglycemia, insulin resistance. Insulin is a feeding hormone, it feeds the cells. When cells stop listening, body needs to pump more insulin, and eventually take insulin. Elevated insulin levels in blood effect growth and cell division. Growth and cell division needs to be controlled. Triangle of Disease: Digestive system, Blood Sugar system, and Adrenal Thyroid Complex. Fuchs Dystrophy is ‘fluid builds up in the clear layer (cornea) on the front of your eye, causing your cornea to swell and thicken’. Anytime you have swelling, thickening, deposits, its related to insulin. Toxicity coming from the digestive system. Dirty Blood. Prevent or start the reversal process. The sicker you are, the faster you can begin to turn it around even it it may take a little longer. Probiotics. Digestive Enzymes. Stay away from carbs and sugars. Have fiber. Use blood sugar supplements. Niacin Vitamin B3 which the body will make in the deficiency states. Keep a food diary. Guest: Judy Wilkins-Smith, motivational speaker, of Systemic Constellation therapy and breaking leadership and family patterns, author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint. Pharmacist calls it ‘The curse of the generations’. She dives into the family system and the professional system. It is multi-generational, and childhood trauma. Could also be influenced by those around. When you realize what you are doing, you become more thoughtful. Systemic work is the study of ‘you’ within the family system. constellation work is 3D mapping; for example identify all the components of the issue and the minute you can see it, and hear yourself talking and feel it its an embodied experience. Then you can begin to re-frame them. Inter-generational link about money. Example of a grandfather who lost all his money in gambling and then says to be careful with money, the message of being careful gets passed on and may result in missed opportunities because they may look at opportunities as gambling. Systemic trance. Can change your truth. If you are committed you can change if you are clear, but many go back and forth due to the ‘Unconscious loyalty to the system’.

Sunday 7 April 2024: Niacin Vitamin B3. Chronic Degenerative Disease is 90% of healthcare costs. Focus on the digestive system and blood sugar issues, the two points of the triangle of disease. Its all about food. Food is not the same as it was hundreds of years ago. Stay away from all processed foods, and fried oils, deep fried foods, and any food that could cause inflammation. Keep a food diary. If you have abdominal pain, or bloating after eating, you have a problem. Problem with estrogen and leaky gut. Food allergy is a pleomorphism and multi factorial disease. Pleomorphism is when lots of systems are effected. Food allergy effects lots of symptoms and its an impairment in gut barrier function. Impact of sugar. Too much insulin the body. Insulin resistance is behind estrogen, thyroid and cortisol problems. Connection between food and diseases. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a weakened connective tissue condition. Caller asks about bacteria and parasites; Pharmacist Ben recommends getting on the i26 supplement from youngevity, and Fodmaps. Guest: Vijay Marolia, finance expert, money manager, Chief Investment officer of Regal Point Capital Management, and author of ‘Baby’s 1st Business Book’. Nothing wrong with salary and safety. People need to understand the value of their time. Time is the most undervalued asset we have. Focus on what your values are. Write down what you value, and it changes over time; and look for the pattern. Relationships is the most valuable, then healthy time and factual information. Quality of life. Being able to control your time will reduce your stress. Leaders are readers.

Saturday 13 April 2024: Niacin (Vitamin B3) is super important, and its the only essential vitamin the body will make when deficient. ‘Niacin has been used for over fifty years in the management of atherosclerosis and is associated with improved patient outcomes.‘ Niacin is important for the heart, blood sugar, cholesterol. Metabolic syndrome is a syndrome of symptoms, is caused by insulin resistance. All health challenges are linked to metabolic syndrome. Chronic degenerative disease (CDD) (non communicable disease). Triangle of Disease. Work on Digestion and blood sugar. Food. Caloric intake has increased. Keep a food diary. Food is the outside world coming into the inside world of a body. Thyroid problems is a result of digestion and blood sugar system problems. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease, and all autoimmunity is connected to digestive health. Eliminate problem foods. Dyspepsia is another word for indigestion. For Thyroid issues, the third point in the triangle of disease, must address the first two points of the triangle which is Digestion and Blood Sugar. Relationship of estrogen and progesteron. Guest: Veronica Karaman, performance coach, motivational speaker, author ‘The Champion’s Way’, cured herself of chronic fatigue syndrome and became a golf champion in the US Open. Identify, focus, believe, connect head and heart. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and engage in all four concurrently. Play out of who you are. Build a winning mindset. Champions don’t quit. Pharmacist Ben says ‘Life is the ultimate performance sport’. Bad company corrupts good morals. Accountability group will provide strength to you while the discipline is being formed.

Sunday 14 April 2024: Estrogen and Progesterone, two important opposing hormones. Progesterone balances out estrogen. Estrogen is known as a feminizing, youth promoting, fertility hormone but it is associated with a lot of health challenges. Estrogen Dominance. Toxic estrogen is a converted form estrogen that is not cleared out of the body effectively under normal circumstances, it has to be detoxified in the liver, and cleared out through the intestines and bowels. Foreign estrogens or Xenoestrogens found in cosmetics, shower curtains, sunscreens, plastic wraps, drugs, water supply, birth control pills. Progesterone deficiency is more common than estrogen. Progesterone is a relaxing hormone involves Mood and relaxation, and it is a fertility hormone. Fats. Dietary fats. Fat soluble vitamins. Lipotropics are important for dealing with fatty liver disease, cancer, brain, skin health, etc. Lipotropic helps the body deal with fats. Processed refined fats are bad. Healthy fats or Quality Fats are good. Niacin is important for helping body process fats and it is a lipotropic. Estrogen is a lipotropic. Niacin lowers LDL cholesterol, and lowers triglycerides, raises HDL cholesterol, beneficial effects on preventing atherosclerosis and thrombosis (blood clots). Vegetable oils are processed and more so when heated. Deep fried foods are bad. Supplement with Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) which are quality oils. Quality oils have Phytonutrients are said to be adaptogens protective benefits and are good for the skin, liver, nervous system, etc. Fat digestion chemistry. Caller asks about carnivore diet. Plant foods have molecules the body can react to like lectins, and gluten which are plant defence molecules, vegetables have fodmaps, histamines, so when you stop these you may feel better. If you eat just meat where would you get your fiber, vitamin C, phytonutrients etc from. Humans are omnivores. Guest: Andrea Vallely co-founder of Shift Happens Global, a transformative coach. Resilience and Mindset. We get trapped in repetitive thinking. We have so much available to us. Look beyond what is directly in front of us. Obstacles are illusions; allow new thoughts to come through example running a 4 minute mile. Miracles. Comfort and security. We make our own security. Respecting mindset. Kids learn what they live, parents must lead with example. Teach the kids that their worth has nothing to do with others or what others think about them. Trust the kids to figure out and think and then circle back to parent with what their thoughts are instead of the parent doing it all for the kid.

Saturday 20 April 2024: Digestive (and food) and the Blood Sugar system are the two most important points in the Triangle of Disease, the third being Adrenal system. Pay attention to foods. Dysglycemia (messed up blood sugar). Mind virus; doing stuff without knowing why its being done means being infected with the mind virus. Logical. Dyspepsia. Scleroderma. Auto-immunity is where the body attacks itself. All chronic health challenges degenerative diseases are inflammatory, are defensive, are responsive to an attack by an outside agent like some food, etc. Foods we have today didnt exist 40, 50, 100 years ago, our food is different today. Get on a nutritional supplement. Guest: Martin Moore-Ede M.D., Ph.D., author of The Light Doctor: Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer. LED, blue, and fluorescent lights. We don’t want the light at night, and many sleep with their lights on at night which is not good for health. Circadian biochemistry. Light falls on the eyes, receptors on the back of the eyes are blue detectors and it sends a signal to the circadian clock, which sends signals to the pineal glands, melatonin has a key role as the darkness hormone and to get into the rest and recovery mode. Light is critical to health. Light is made up of critical wavelengths. LEDs are rich in blue light. Living in constant twilight. Blue rich light at night time reduces melaton at night. Blue light in LEDs in devices. Switch the screen to that have no blue at night. Sunlight has all the colors of lights and it is so valuable and has huge health benefits. Sky’s blue color says its daytime. Every color of light has a health benefit. Red light doesn’t trigger the same response, it has a healing effect, makes hair grows. Green spectrum relieve pain and reverse migraines. Violet is like disinfectant, kills virus. Solar radiation has all the colors; sun sreen blocks on skin, not the eyes. Right amount of light, too much light can be damaging. Getting outdoors in the morning is best. Light can boost health and improve sleep when you know how to use the light. Sunglasses protect from too much bright sunlight that can damage the eyes. In the evening hous can use glasses that are blue blockers can protect eyes from the blue from screens or LED lights. People who get exposed to light in the mornings, helps health conditions like depression and anxiety. Book will be available in a month or so.

Sunday 21 April 2024: Digestive System and Sugar System and the Adrenal Thyroid Complex (triangle of disease). Food Issue. Eating foods that didn’t exit years ago. There is a problem with fructose as well, if it is in the fruit then there are other things in the fruit like fiber etc. Stay away from high fructose high syrup. As simple as it sounds, just work on your digestive system. Chronic Degenerative Disease, just assume you have a digestive and sugar issue. Getting off the sugar is not easy. Amino acid Glutamine can help you wean you off sugar. Glutamine (powder) is great for many things example for muscle building, etc. Change the way you eat, and help digestive system with Enzymes, probiotics, collagen peptides, fiber, apple cider vinegar with foods, stay away from FODMAP foods. Reduce sugars fructose and sucrose. Small amounts of fructose is not a problem. Large amounts of fructose is problematic for the liver, and insulin resistance, and diabetes type II. Many are deficient in B vitamins like Niacin, Thiamine. Benfotiamine. Nutritional Supplements: Chromium and Vanadium both in the Youngevity Sweet EZE product, support sugar balance. Not all inflammation is bad; it is a protective response, needed for healing chemistry; it is needed for anti-inflammatory. Fats are for inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. Essential Fatty Acids for both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties. Skin health; heal the skin, healthy skin is beautiful skin. Address the skin from inside out and outside in. Fatty vitamins like Vitamin E, A, C phytonutrients, Zinc, amino acid taurine. Zin oxide, sun blocks are good for topical protection from sun burn. Veggies, colored veggies protect skin from sun; braised, steamed and eaten with butter. The butter will pull the pigments and fatty nutrients and get deposited in skin and protect from sun and hyper-pigmentation of skin. Hyperpigmentation and Estrogen. Estrogen is a stress hormone. Cortisol. Estrogen has to be eliminated from the body fast. The liver, intestine, gall bladder clears out the estrogen by detoxifying it first. Bacteria in the small intestine can reactive the estrogen and send it back in your blood. SIBO and leaky gut and histamine are associated with all estrogenic health challenges in a large part. Estrogen speeds things up; progesterone relaxes. Caller asks about PCOS. Bodies are smarter than us. Body doesn’t want to make a baby when body is in duress whether physical or mental. PCOS is a sugar problem, hyper insulin. Insulin is a growth substance. Insulin induces the growth of cycts, ovaries make both male and female hormones (may be overweight, menstrual problems, fibromyalsia, have hair on body and face, male hair baldness, acne). Do all the things for a diabetic like avoid sugar, drink more water etc.

Saturday 27 April 2024: Lipids. Fat soluble vs water soluble nutrients. Fat soluble sticks it last longer in the body. Digestive system’s processing of fatty materials require an effective fat processing digestive system like liver, pancreas, bile, stomach acid. As we age it doesn’t happen as well. Give importance to digestive system. Leaky gut, SIBO, neurological condition. Some toxin is getting into the blood. Example: Parkinson’s disease. Keep a food diary. Avoid foods that trigger the condition(s). Digestion, Sugar, Thyroid. Focus on food; avoid what doesn’t work for you. Avoid fried foods, fried fatty foods. Pharmacist Ben’s skin treatments called Truth Treatments are largely based on fat soluble nutrients like Retinol and fat soluble Vitamin C. Skin is receptive, it absorbs fats. Exposome what the skin / body is exposed to. Fats are important have an inflammatory and anti-infammatory roles. Essential Fatty Acids; Omega 6 are inflammatory and Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory. And some anti-inflammatory are also pain relievers. Cannabinoids, hops, sage exhibit health benefits because of their inflammatory and anti-inflammatory chemistry. Aspirin leverages the fatty chemistry of the body that is associated with inflammatory. Heated fats, fried fats are inflammatory is a direct cause of elevated intestinal disease including colon cancer, leaky gut. Estrogen is also one of the causes of leaky gut, any kind of Estrogenic / Estrogen dominance/ Estrogen toxicity health conditions like fibromylagia, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS, menstrual cycles / periods, polyps and cysts on reproductive organs, etc. Progesterone balances out Estrogen. For insulin resistance syndrome and Type II diabetes use Nutritional Supplement Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is very important, powerful,and inexpensive you need more than the RDA amount. It is a natural anti-oxidant. Apple Cider Vinegar; acidic acid will help stabilize sugar spikes. Guest: Maetreyii Ma Nolan, PhD, a clinical psychologist, spiritual mentor, yoga and meditation, and author of her latest book Into the Heart of the Infinite. Yoga is a phylosophy that is thousand of years old. Yoga body Postures (asanas) breath, how to live in alignment, concentration, meditation, etc. Different types of yoga. Divine is an individual understanding. Different people have different definitions of God. Personal experiences through yoga practices entails the personal God, connection to divine being. Unified in one, interconnected level of life. Yoga’s body system like Chakras, in Chinese medicine its the meredians / biofields. Blockages come out in the body in disease. Experience divine pressense as a direct connection, is where people feel safety. Feel safe in the world. The book is a memmoir of a mystical journey. Free ebook Mystetism with 5 key practices.

Sunday 28 April 2024: Last weekend of The Bright Side radio show on GCNLive.com as Genesis Communication Network’s (Radio) last day of business is Sunday May 5th, 2024. Two horizontal points or plane of disease: Digestion and Blood Sugar issues. Talks about a lady with many health challenges. Primary health challenges lead to the secondary health challenges. Focus on digestion particularly intestinal health. Leaky Gut and SIBO. Do a food diary and be vested in your health. Start charting and write down everything you eat. Write down your symptoms. What your lifestyle health choices are. Be your own health authorities. Eat less food; notice when you are full and are satiated. Eat nutrient dense foods. Fast; it is self cleaning. Eat mostly veggies; note there may be veggies that do not work for you example lectins. Pulverize your food when possible in a blender not a juicer because you need the fiber. If you have SIBO be careful of fermented foods. Using digestive nutritional suplements like Youngevity Ultimate Enzymes for digestion; if taken on an empty stomach, it has a detoxifying blood cleaning effect. Probiotics like Nightly Essense, and i26 hyperimmune egg powder, or apple cider vinegar. Guest: Jennie Potter, healing coach, and author of Self Sabotage No More. Remove hidden emotional blocks and unprocessed emotions. Example like people do things that are self sabotaging for example poor choices, hanging out with people that weren’t right for you,or little things like hitting the snooze and being late and then starting your day feeling anxious, choices with food. Why do we do things or not do things that feel good. Hidden desires to fail or hidden desires to survive. Most dysfunctional strategies are developed before the age of 12. Auto-pilot. Triggers. False beliefs or sabotage beliefs. Emotional triggers. ALARM method is to identify the emotion and release it. Limiting belief may be causing the block. A is for awareness of what its triggering. L is location; where do you actually feel the emotion in your body (knees, throat, chest, head, shoulders,stomach, back). The second A Ask the Question when have I felt this before; and if you don’t that’s okay, go to the next step. R release the emotion. Go back to that location and relax the full area of body, or unpacking like wiping down from shoulder to wrist, M for mantra just affirm by saying repeat what you want to feel. For any emotions. There are other methods like Visualization.