April 2017

Monday 3 April 2017
The body is a unified whole. You can’t remove or poison part of the whole and not affect the rest of the system. Our cells are responsive to the environment. The genes of the cell are turned on and off based on the environment and this is called epigenetics. Nutrition is an epigenetic factor. Polyphenols and excess oestrogen. Resveratrol. Brain study shows how slow breathing induces tranquillity. Anthony from Indiana would like to know what food Ben eats on the go. Rose from West Virginia has a success story about cytomegalovirus and a persistent cough. She has had a stroke and diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. Brian from Minneapolis would like to increase his testosterone and get rid of his belly fat. Betsy from Pennsylvania has chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal exhaustion.

Tuesday 4 April 2017
The connective tissue feeds oxygenates and detoxifies the cells and when the connective tissue break down we get sick. The news and fearmongering. We should be activating the relaxation response not the fear and survival response. Polyphenols are produced by plants to cope with the stresses and strains of their environment. Resveratrol. New report links early life antibiotic use to inflammatory gut diseases. Low calorie sweeteners promote fat accumulation. Keith from New Jersey has a question about pork lard and beef tallow. Dave from Connecticut has been getting heart palpitations. Quince from Florida is enjoying using his rebounder. Bob has a question about the different forms of vitamin E.

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Talking about the benefits of resveratrol. Cholesterol lining the blood vessels is a repair mechanism and resveratrol can help protect the blood vessels. Error? The rest of the show seems to be a repeat of Tuesday 13 December 2016.

Thursday 6 April 2017
Talking the class of plant nutrients called polyphenols. Resveratrol and its benefits for heart disease, caridovascular health, diabetes, cancer and other health issues. Robin from Oklahoma has a question about low blood sugar in the morning. Also a question about lithium orotate. John from New Jersey make 100 hundred healthy webinar. GUEST – Terry Wahls author of The Wahls Protocol. Talking about her success story with multiple sclerosis. The difference between the Paleo diet and the ketogenic diet. Nutritional strategies for inflammation and autoimmune diseases. The importance of micro nutrient density. terrywahls.com

Friday 7 April 2017
Talking about how phytonutrients are produced to protect the plant. We can also use some of these protective nutrients by incorporating them into our diets. Resveratrol and the French paradox. Sources of resveratrol. Resveratrol and the Japanese knotweed. Itadori tea. High fat high sugar diet during pregnancy programs for health complications. Robert from Las Vegas has a question about how a baby develops type one diabetes. Molly from California has a granddaughter was diagnosed with acalculous cystitis.

Monday 10 April 2017
The phytonutrient content of vegetables is why we should eat vegetables in our diets. Phytonutrients should be considered essential nutrients. The relationship of polyphenols and phenolic acids. Phenolic acids and honey. Long term use of proton pump inhibitors PPI’s. Asthma drug helps patients with skin disorder. Curtis from West Virginia has a question about testosterone injections and low testosterone. Mike from California has had a tooth removed and would like to know which supplements to take. Pamela from Michigan has a friend with stomach ulcers.

Tuesday 11 April 2017
Talking about phenolic acids and honey. Honey can last a long time due to its antimicrobial, antifungal and preservative properties. Parabens are analogues or mimics of phenolic acids. Parabens are toxic and act like oestrogens. Bees use propolis which is like glue for the structure of their hive and it also has antimicrobial properties. Propolis and cancer prevention. Yoga helps preserve muscle mass in older women. Wes from Idaho has a question about the Franks Sign crease in the ear lobe and heart disease. Also a question about bioacoustics. Elaine from Alaska has a comment about fascial counterstrain. Also has a mother in law who had necrotising fasciitis. Daniel from Texas is experiencing a loss of balance.

Wednesday 12 April 2017
Sources of phenolic acids like honey, propolis and cinnamon. Cinnamon improves the taste and sweetness of sugar so you can eat less sugar. Cinnamon also helps the body process sugar which helps lower your insulin. Cinnamon is a good source of chromium and zinc. Nutrition makes your medications work better. Memory loss associated with alzheimer’s reversed for the first time. Daily consumption of tea may protect the elderly from cognitive decline. Carl from Oregon has a question about the safety of dental x-rays and his teeth are falling apart. Robert from Ohio has a question about prostaglandins and hair loss.

Thursday 13 April 2017
Phytonutrients should be considered essential nutrients. Summary of the benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamic acid is non toxic and used for skin care. Octyl Methoxycinnamate is toxic and used in sun screens. Make sure you wash off the sun screen after you use it. Does caffeine cause dehydration. Intestinal bacteria may protect against diabetes. Kristina from California has pain and inflammation in her knees. Curtis in West Virginia is drinking lots of water. Carl from Oregon has a rash on his fingers.

Friday 14 April 2017
Talking about cinnamic acid and ultraviolet light. Octyl Methoxycinnamate is toxic and used in sun screens. Shea butter is found in lots of cosmetic products and contains cinnamic acid. Shea butter is source of phytosterols. Diabetes continues its relentless rise. How to eat chocolate without piling on the pounds. Robert from Texas has blood in his stools after a fecal occult test. Shauna from Idaho has a question about the lymph and how it cleans the blood. Peggy from Texas has a question about about warfarin and cardoval.

Monday 17 April 2017
Talking about the importance of plant nutrients like polyphenols. Oestrogen toxicity is linked to many kinds of diseases and polyphenols can protect against oestrogen toxicity. Polyphenols can help protect against fibrosis of the connective tissue and organs due to oestrogen. Shea butter is source of phytosterols which can help lower cholesterol. Immunity against melanoma is only skin deep. John from Michigan has a friend who has been diagnosed with actinic keratosis and red bumps on their skin. Jim from California wants to know what inulin is. Elaine from Alaska has a question about blood tests.

Tuesday 18 April 2017
Talking about shea butter as a topical skin product. Use unrefined shea butter. Shea butter contains cinnamic acid which is a polyphenol and has sun protection properties. In order to get vitamin D from the sun we need to expose ourself to the burning ray called UVB. Sun screens block UVB. Zinc supply affects cardiac health. Sympathetic nervous system is critical for regulating body heat. Carol from Washington has a grand daughter with a bumpy red rash on her arms. Also has a brother who has neuropathy in his hands. Don from Atlanta has swelling in his lower extremities. Elaine from Alaska thinks she has a thyroid issue.

Wednesday 19 April 2017
The basal thermometer test for hypothyroidism. Diagnosis relies on statistics and individuals are not statistics. The importance of the thyroid to the health of the body. Hypothyroidism follows excessive adrenal activity, dysglycemia and a compromised digestive system. Digestive health is dependant on the thyroid and this completes the triangle. Cannabinoids may sooth certain skin diseases. Endocannabinoids. Artificial sweeteners are said to be light but they leave a heavy burden on your health. Resveratrol shows bone health promise for child chemotherapy patients. Wes from Idaho has a comment about butter and Weston Price. Has a question about ghee and unpasteurized butter.

Thursday 20 April 2017
Talking about shea butter for topical skin care. Use fresh and unrefined shea butter. DIY recipes using shea butter. Gallic acid and its benefits. Alma berries or indian gooseberries. Brainwaves to help PTSD. Study on mice demonstrates the action of strawberry’s against breast cancer. Master detox molecule boosts immune defences. Robert from Ontario has cold hands. Karl from Oregon has a question about viruses.

Friday 21 April 2017
Repeat show from Friday 7 April 2017.

Monday 24 April 2017
Repeat show from Tuesday 28 March 2017.

Tuesday 25 April 2017
Repeat show from Thursday 4 August 2016.

Wednesday 26 April 2017
Repeat show from Monday 6 March 2017.

Thursday 27 April 2017
Repeat show from Friday 11 September 2015.

Friday 28 April 2017
Repeat show from Wednesday 5 October 2016.