February 2016

Monday 1 February 2016
Macro and micro inflammation. Micro inflammation is the defensive response that leads to chronic degenerative disease. Diabetes is an eating disease. Too much sugar causes a defensive response which is micro inflammation. Essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 and inflammation. Diabetes and exercise. Diabetics need intense exercise. Karl from Oregon has a comment about how cancer treatment companies are just a business. Also experiencing a pain in his neck and jaw. Gina from Oregon has some information about melanoma and cancer.

Tuesday 2 February 2016
Repeat show from Thursday 14 January 2016 – All disease is cell disease. Inflammation and disease. Tylenol. Anything a cell cannot use is considered a poison. That includes substances we put on the skin. Macro inflammation is visible like a black eye. Micro inflammation is invisible. Gwendalin from Missouri has a acid reflux, restless syndrome and hypertension. Susan from Arkansas did an 8 day lemon water fast. She has been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease. Shelia from Massachusetts has a nodule on her thyroid.

Wednesday 3 February 2016
Essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6. To make nerve cells, eye cells and brain cells we require EFA’s and we must get them through our diet. Comments about various articles and studies saying omega 3 does not work. Talking about taking nutritional supplements and prescription drugs at the same time and the interaction between them. Tom from California has been taking a vitamin A supplement and has been having some issues with dry skin on the face. Dr Cathy Markle has a question about glutamine and cancer. Compliments about Ben’s truth treatments products. Letter from Priscilla about lupus.

Thursday 4 February 2016
Nutrients are food for cells. Our bodies are composed of a 100 trillion cells. Cells need food ,oxygen and a clean place to do their work. Doctors and drugs cannot and do not provide this. Essential fatty acids control inflammation. Heart disease, blood thinning drugs and EFA’s. Letter from Anne about a H. pylori infection. Andy from Texas had some success reversing his type 2 diabetes. Colin from Oklahoma has a daughter who got some bed bug bites. Karl from Oregon has a question about eye drops.

Friday 5 February 2016
Blood thinning drugs and inflammation in the blood. The blood is technically a tissue in the body. Biochemistry works on electricity. Today we are swimming in electromagnetic energy. The blood contacts all the cells in the body. The digestive system is the entrance to the blood and this is how we get dirty blood. Or the blood can also be contaminated directly by intravenous methods like vaccines. Diabetes is a dirty blood disease. Tanya from Los Angeles has a question about arginine and high blood pressure. Elisa from Idaho is 20 weeks pregnant and has a pain in her arm. Dr Cathy Markle got food poisoning and diarrhoea. Ronnie from Texas had success getting off his blood pressure medication. He is also dealing with herniated discs and avascular necrosis.

Monday 8 February 2016
We need inflammation in balance with anti-inflammation. Anti-inflammatory drugs are toxic. EFA’s are required to make new cells. What are cancer cells. Mark has a question about acne deep in the skin. Karl from Oregon has a comment about population control. Has a question about sucralose. David from Texas has a friend who had a stroke.

Tuesday 9 February 2016
Talking about blood clotting or coagulation and dirty blood. Blood thinning drugs are toxic. Karl from Oregon has a question about memes in drug commercials. GUEST – Claudia Kalb author of Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder: Inside the Minds of History’s Great Personalities. Talking about mental health issues. Einstein showed characteristics of autism. Princess Diana.

Wednesday 10 February 2016
The concept of universal free health care for all. Leaky gut and dirty blood. Keeping your blood clean. Chelation therapy. Too much sugar in the blood counts as dirty blood. Pat from Indiana has a son with a tumour on his thyroid and doctors want to remove the thyroid. Jasmine from Wyoming is on blood thinners after a stroke.

Thursday 11 February 2016
Processed fats, trans fats and hydrogenated fats and the rise of degenerative disease. We need to supplement with essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. Cholesterol is only correlated with heart disease and is not causal related to heart disease. Omega 6 EFA’s are more common in our diets. Grass covers the earth and is a good source of fats. Vegetables suck up solar energy and produce fatty nutrients. Jerry from Santa Cruz is worried about her bones and connective tissue after injuring her self. Melissa from Oregon is pregnant and would like to know about what supplements to take. Virginia from Ohio would like to know what vegetables to eat when dealing with low thyroid and diabetes.

Friday 12 February 2016
Talking about vegetables and the nutrients they contain. Fruits are not equal to vegetables. Plants produce solid matter from sun light. Animals depend on plants even in the ocean. The ocean is packed with minerals and sea food is highly nutritious. EPA and DHA are found in sea food. Algae and sea grass or sea weed. Angela from Florida has a question about food allergies and allergy testing. Robert had a friend who had a heart attack and they put in 2 stints. He is now experiencing blood and blood clots in his urine. Arn from California has puffy eye lids. Sharon from Santa Cruz has a friend with leaky gut syndrome and would like to know about bone soup and connective tissue.

Monday 15 February 2016
Disease is all about burden on the body. Food is the first suspect when it comes to disease. Basic ideas underlie complex phenomenon. The triangle of disease and causes of disease. Grass fed cows produce milk with omega 3. Mary from Oregon has a question about food to alkalise the body. Also has a question about milk and mucous in the allergy season. Marie from California has a high erythrocyte sedimentation rate or inflammation and aching in her body and is on prednisone. Mayor from Chicago has a out break of pink spots on his face.

Tuesday 16 February 2016
The ketogenic diet directly contradicts the main stream view of a low fat diet. Processed fats are the problem. Cells are manufactured of good fats. Its difficult to eat too much fat because it is so satisfying. Short chain fats like butter and vinegar or acetic acid. Medium chain triglyceride’s or MCT’s like coconut oil. The ketogenic diet says low carbohydrates but that means refined carbohydrates, not vegetables. Colin from Oklahoma is starting to ingest more fats in his diet. Terry from Canada has a wife who is on dexamethasone which is a steroid drug. Larry from Colorado was possibly exposed to agent orange and is not healing.

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Skin cells make their own hormones like cortisol. Lipophilic means it will dissolve in fat. Hydrophilic nutrients dissolve in water like the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Hydrophilic nutrients are absorbed quickly and excreted quickly. Lipophilic fatty nutrients need a proper working digestive system to be absorbed. The body is made of water that is bound or clustered which means it has a magnetic nature. Grace from Miami has tinnitus. Grant from Texas has high blood pressure and is on whole food supplements.

Thursday 18 February 2016
Talking about triglyceride’s or long chain fatty acids. Linoleic acid and Alpha linolenic acid and how they control inflammation in the body. Disease always follows a break down in the digestive system. Chronic inflammation causes cell death. Dying cells regulate the immune system. Pam from California has weak muscles in her eye. John from Michigan has a comment about weaponised microplasma and chronic fatigue. Karen and Gwendalin from California have been doing the SueroViv cleanse and she has not had a bowel movement in 3 days. Karl from Oregon has a comment about GMO corn.

Friday 19 February 2016
The triangle of disease is the starting point for chronic degenerative diseases. We have been condition by the medical model to think that health is about test scores and risk management. The importance of gut bacteria for proper absorption of nutrients. Shauna from Idaho has had a swollen leg with an itchy rash for a few years. Teresa has a friend with severe candida infection. Jasmine from Wyoming has a friend who has an infected cyst in her groin. Anita from Kansas city has nodules on her legs.

Monday 22 February 2016
Repeat show from Thursday 14 January 2016 – Talking about inflammation in the body being a thread that runs through most diseases. Cells cannot use pharmaceutical drugs they need nutrients. The best way to detoxify the body is to support liver health. Macro and micro inflammation. Gwendalin from Missouri has been diagnosed with acid reflux, restless leg syndrome and hypertension. Susan from Arkansas did an 8 day lemon water fast. She has been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease. Shelia from Massachusetts has a nodule on her thyroid.

Tuesday 23 February 2016
Talking about essential fatty acids Linoleic acid LA or omega 6 and alpha linolenic acid ALA or omega 3. Chemical bonds are like magnetic connections. Dietary fats have strong bonds and therefore have lots of electrical energy. Oleic acid or omega 9 is a mono-unsaturated fat, but not essential. Lisa from Wisconsin has lichen sclerosus. Jessica from Texas has a friend who has a sty or pimple in the tear duct. Helen from Canada has atrial fibrillation.

Wednesday 24 February 2016
Use essential fatty acids if you have breaks outs or acne. The inflammatory process in the body is driven by the balance of essential fatty acids. Blood cells need essential fatty acids. The body needs carbohydrates with the micro nutrients to be able to utilise the energy. Karl from Oregon has noticed deposits coming out of his feet after eating certain foods. Mary from Michigan has a hard time digesting fats. Justin from Oklahoma has a son with ADHD, ODD and maybe tourette’s. Carlos from Florida has yellow urine after taking the BTT. Jason has a son with enlarged adenoids.

Thursday 25 February 2016
Talking about the ketogenic diet. Saturated oil, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oil. Hydrogenated oils like Crisco gave birth to the snack industry. The concept that lipids cause heart disease gave rise to processed and synthetic fats. Our bodies will make cells from bad fats if we do not get good essential fats. Use protein to wean yourself off sugar. Jason from Canada has a son with enlarged adenoids and is on steroid drugs. Helen from Canada has atrial fibrillation and is on warfarin. Pat from Oklahoma has itchy skin when she gets hot. Julian from Texas has a friend who doesn’t like the taste of the BTT.

Friday 26 February 2016
Talking about MCT fats and the ketogenic diet. Fasting and ketogenesis. Constant digestion of food takes energy away from other processes. We are neurologically compelled to search out food. John from Michigan has a friend who had her gallbladder removed. Chuck from Idaho has a friend who is experiencing anxiety. Al from Santa Cruz has been diagnosed with actinic keratosis. Lee from California has friends who are getting head aches.

Monday 29 February 2016
Talking about fasting and calorific restriction to improve the symptoms of degenerative disease. The reward system in the brain is targeted by the marketing industry. The food industry takes advantage of the fact that we are hard wired to seek out food. Mary Anne from Colorado has been getting PVC’s or premature ventricular contractions. Robert from Colorado has a father with leukaemia. Wes from Idaho has a question about straight MCT oil and coconut oil.