January 2021

Friday 1 January 2021 Repeat show from Friday 11 December 2020

Monday 4 January 2021 Endocannabinoid system. Can medicinal mushrooms have prophylactic and therapeutic effects against infections and COVID19. Mushroom to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Lions mane mushrooms. NAC and glutathione.  GUEST – Dr Michael Lewis author of When Brains Collide. Talking about cannabis, cannabinoids, CBD and their benefits. All mammals have cannabinoids receptors. The relationship between cannabinoid deficiency and essential fatty acid deficiency. How to enhance the endocannabinoids system ECS. Exercise and the ECS. Cannabinoids and the immune system. 

Tuesday 5 January 2021 Repeat show from Monday 14 December 2020.

Wednesday 6 January 2021 Repeat show from Tuesday 15 December 2020.

Thursday 7 January 2021 The power and medicinal benefits of mushrooms. Mushroom extracts and the development of medicines. Penicillin comes from a fungus and is one of the greatest discoveries in medicine. Red yeast rice. GUEST – Micki Purcell founder of Walking With Anthony: A Mother’s Fight for her Son. Talking about spinal cord injuries and rehab for these kinds of injuries. 

Friday 8 January 2021 Talking about medicines and therapeutics derived and discovered from fungus and mushrooms. Red yeast rice extract and elevated cholesterol. The microbiome in the digestive system and blood cholesterol levels. Avocados can improve gut health and blood cholesterol. Aspergillus and koji rice. GUEST – Sue Johanson talking about beta-glucan. Foods that are genetically compatible with each individual. Beta-glucan and the immune system. Beta-glucan and cancer cells. 

Monday 11 January 2021 Talking about the medicinal properties of the fungal kingdom. Moulds, mildews, yeast and mushrooms. Aspergillus and koji rice. Kojic acid for skin health and lightening. Elaine from Alaska has a patient with lichen planus and did a hair analysis and it came back with high levels of bismuth. GUEST – Dr Cass Ingram talking about the Doctor who died from the COVID19 mRNA vaccine. Using oregano oil to protect yourself.

Tuesday 12 January 2021 Talking about the mycobiome and the health of the body. Bacteria and fungus are in balance and have an antagonistic relationship. There is a whole world of microscopic, bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites and they all play a role in the immune system. Candida is found in healthy lungs. You even find healthy fungus in the brain.  GUEST – Julie Gatza talking about intermittent fasting and digestive health. The psychology of eating to feel good. Eating to thrive and eat when your actually hungry. 

Wednesday 13 January 2021 The Contagion Myth; Why Viruses (Including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease Thomas S. Cowan. Germ theory has never really been proven. The germ does not cause the disease its the environment of the body. Fungus and mushrooms play a vital role in all eco systems. Ken from Washington is recovering from COVID and has a question about increased blood clotting risk.  GUEST – Thomas Chenault talking about building a home based business. The myth and misconceptions of multi level marking and pyramid schemes. Your not selling supplements you’re actually selling hope. 

Thursday 14 January 2021 Repeat show from Thursday 17 December 2020.

Friday 15 January 2021 Talking about the fungal kingdom and fungal infections. Oral thrush and candida. Dysbiosis and disease go hand in hand. We can take our power back by accepting that its our bodily environment that is the cause of disease. Mary from Oregon has a question about genetic disease and genetics in the womb.  GUEST – Dr Mrs Future host of the The Doctor Future Show. Talking about technocracy and technology. Virtual reality VR. The dangers of vaccine passports

Monday 18 January 2021 Talking about oral thrush, yeast infections, candida and antibiotics. Thrush occurs with a compromised immune system which is mostly located in the digestive system. We should not be taking long term prescription drugs and antibiotics. Link between gut microbes diet and illness revealed. Fibre acts a source of food for good bacteria. GUEST – Dr Diana Drake. The difference between naturopaths and doctors. Dealing with depression and heavy metals. Hormone replacement therapy HRT and homeopathy. The covid mRNA vaccines re-write our DNA.

Tuesday 19 January 2021 Fungus and yeast. Oral thrush or any fungal infection usually indicates a poor immune system. Systemic yeast is associated with other health problems. Yeast loves sugar and carbohydrates. Yeast hypersensitivity syndrome and overgrowth of yeast. Experimental Alzheimer’s drug treats gum disease bacteria. Gingivitis and vitamin C.  GUEST Dr Peter Glidden. There has been a medical monopoly on who can and who can’t practice medicine. The myths surrounding the coronavirus and COVID19 and the vaccines. 

Wednesday 20 January 2021 Talking about the fungal kingdom. The yeast hypothesis. There is a correlation between fungal candida infections and disease but this doesn’t mean that it is a cause. Older adults are prescribed unneeded multiple medications. Karl from Oregon asking about the vaccine.   GUEST – Abby Wallach host of the podcast Beauty is your Business. Being and entrepreneur in the health and beauty business. 

Thursday 21 January 2021 Yeast infections feed on sugars and carbohydrates. As yeast breaks down sugar it produces the same compounds that is produced when we break down alcohol. This can give us a hang over like effect. This also effects our insulin resistance. The relationship between blood sugar and coivd19 symptoms. Metformin treatment for covid19. Gut microbiome reflects disease severity and dysfunctional immune responses in COVID19. Pam from California was over dosed with anti-biotics when she was younger and has a comment about sodium bicarbonate and how our food chain is overloaded from fungus. GUEST – Sankarshan Das author of Conquer Your Mind and Deliver the World. We have been programmed to misidentify with the body. How to be anxiety free during the covid19 madness. 

Friday 22 January 2021 Candida infections can be subclinical or can be life threatening. There is a balance between bacteria and fungus. Anti-biotics and candida. Five dietary factors affecting glaucoma risk. Strategies for optical health. Pam from California finishing up from yesterday. GUEST – Dr Judy Mikovits author of The Case Against Masks; Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should be Limited. The myth of asymptomatic covid19 carriers. Talking about the endocannabinoid system and how it links to the immune system. 

Monday 25 January 2021 Fungal cells are between plant cells and animal cells. Prokaryote and eukaryote cells and how they relate to turning into a cancer cells. Fungal or candida infections can be very serious because they are similar to animal cells and therefore harder to kill. Antibiotic resistance. Candida Auris is a serious fungal infection that is resistant to antifungal medications. GUEST – Michael Levine author of Broken Windows, Broken Business: How the Smallest Remedies Reap the Biggest Rewards. The broken windows theory in criminology and how it relates to business as well as everyday life. The tiffany theory.

Tuesday 26 January 2021 Talking about governments tackling false information about vaccines by labelling people anti-vaxxers. The big push to get people vaccinated. The mRNA vaccine forces your cells to make the antigen, antigens are not antibodies. Antigens stimulate the immune system. These vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. When you inject thing into your blood stream you bypass all the body’s inherent detoxification systems. Don from Georgia has been dealing atopic dermatitis and is massaging his skin rather than itching.  

Wednesday 27 January 2021 Vaccines are just the same as medicines and drugs even though they are not perceived that way. Vaccines grown on animal tissues risk infection from proteins called prions. Immune system adjuvants are added to vaccines to stimulate the immune system to have a response. Saponins are an adjuvant. Adjuvants and autoimmune diseases. Along side their supportive role adjuvants were found to inflict by themselves an illness of autoimmune nature defined as adjuvant disease. Gulf war syndrome. GUEST – Jenny Black from the Media Trauma Care Centre. Author of Inner Technology: How to be Human in a Digital World. Ben confesses to being addicted to his iphone and consuming information and data. How to deal with the media and news trauma.

Thursday 28 January 2021 Talking about vaccines and autoimmunity. Clinical and laboratory features of covid19 are reviewed with attention to immunologic manifestations of the disease. We should not be putting things directly into the blood. The bystander effect or reaction. Elaine from Alaska has a comments about some of her clients who lost weight. Leo from Pennsylvania has a question about heating animal fats and cancer cells. Also quick question about vitamin K2 and vitamin D.  GUEST – Chris Burres of SES Research. Fullerenes and Buckyballs. How the shape and structure of buckyballs and nanotubes applies to their functions like a space elevator. C60. ECS 60. Nutritional application for C60. 

Friday 29 January 2021 Talking about vaccines and autoimmune diseases. If you have an autoimmune disease you have dirty blood issues. Vaccinations and adverse adjuvant effects. Molecular mimicry is a fundamental mechanism for autoimmune disease. Shauna from Idaho has a comment about the vaccine and infertility as well as placenta problems in pregnant women. GUEST – Dylan Charles founder and editor of wakingtimes.com. Talking about his journey after seeing a psychiatrist.