July 2017

Monday 3 July 2017
Health care insurance is scam we can take care of our own health. Our water supply is contaminated with all kinds of prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs. Water treatment plants do no clean out all the drugs. The liver is a detoxification organ and uses glutatgione for its work. Weaning yourself off of prescription drugs. Building and supporting glutathione is an important detox strategy. Benefits of taking NAC. How yoga works on the vagal tone. Yoga has beneficial effects on patients with chronic diseases. Parkinson’s is partly an auto immune disease. Todd from Austin has a mother with myositis. Wes from Idaho has a comment about the vegan diet and mental health. Will from Missouri has a question about his TSH test scores.

Tuesday 4 July 2017
Repeat show from Thursday 25 May 2017.

Wednesday 5 July 2017
Talking about using NAC for building glutathione and brain health. NAC and glutathione have antioxidant properties which helps with mental health issues. NAC can be used for reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia and addictive behaviour like drug addiction. NAC can also be used for obsessive compulsive disorders OCD. New theory for diabetes and the digestive system. Study cautions against using statins as a preventative medicine. Carl from Oregon had success from doing a Sueroviv cleanse. Elliot from south Jersey has atrial fibrillation.

Thursday 6 July 2017
Repeat show from Wednesday 7 June 2017.

Friday 7 July 2017
Talking about Luigi Carnero who knew about calorie restriction and eating less food in the 1500’s. Medicine has no business in our lives when it comes to addressing chronic degenerative disease. The medical model believes that by drugging us we will better off. The cysteine in NAC has a sulphur molecule which makes it good for detoxification. Methionine also has a sulphur molecule and is found in animal products which makes it hard for vegetarians to get in their diet. Ibuprofen linked to kidney injury in endurance runners. Vitamin D may improve sun burn. Elaine from Alaska has had success with lupus.

Monday 10 July 2017
We live in a world that associates health with medicine. The affordable health care act serves the institutions not the individual. An essential nutrient means we need it to prevent disease. Subclinical or mild deficiencies of essential nutrients means you do not have a full blown disease but you can still have health effects like thinning bones or tiredness. We can also have deficiencies in non essential nutrients like NAC. Cysteine in NAC has a sulphur molecule which allows it to attract toxins from the body. Vegetarians and vegans can end up with a sulphur deficiency. Study links antibiotic resistance to common household triclosan. Vegetarianism produces subclinical malnutrition hyperhomocysteinemia. Sugar intake during pregnancy is associated with allergic conditions and asthma in children. Gene from Minnesota has a wife who is on multiple prescription drugs.

Tuesday 11 July 2017
The cholesterol hypothesis, homocysteine and heart disease. Low dietary intake of sulphur amino acids and high intake of carbohydrate amongst vegetarians leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine accumulates when we do not get enough B vitamins. Reduce your intake of refined processed carbohydrates to lower cholesterol. Fibrinogen and albumin identified as prognostic factors in oesophageal cancer. Fasting blood sugar and insulin identified as new markers for weight loss. Rose from Virginia has a friend with gerd or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Jason from Canada has a family history of hypertension and has lipomas on his body. Ron from Minneapolis has a niece with reproductive organ cancer.

Wednesday 12 July 2017
Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and cardiovascular disease. They use statistic to make us think that statin drugs are safe and effective. The side effects of statins drugs. Cholesterol is important in the body and we should not suppress our cholesterol production. Meditation and yoga can reverse DNA reactions which cause stress. Antibiotics taken during pregnancy can increase the rick of IBS in offspring. Ron from Wyoming is on statin drugs and wants to wean off his drugs. Mary from Oregon has a question about bile salts and acids. Carol from Washington has arthritis and sciatica pain.

Thursday 13 July 2017
The body produces too much cholesterol for a reason. Blood sugar and insulin levels is one reason cholesterol levels rise. Kelly from Minneapolis has a son with gynecomastia. Don from Atlanta has pressure in his chest in the morning. GUEST – Dr David Seaman author of The Deflame Diet. Talking about inflammation and the diet. Postprandial inflammation. Cholesterol and inflammation. Anti inflammatory strategies. www.deflame.com

Friday 14 July 2017
The side effects of statin drugs. Cholesterol is critical biochemical and we should not suppress our cholesterol production using statin drugs. Use connective tissue building strategies for heart health. Concentrate on the blood sugar system and digestive system for heart health. Not all BCAA muscle building supplements are equal. Diabetes causes a shift in the oral microbiome that fosters gum disease. Don from Texas has hepatitis C and swelling feet. John has a family member with levator syndrome or muscle spasms in the pelvis.

Monday 17 July 2017
Repeat show from Friday 14 July 2017.

Tuesday 18 July 2017
Talking about how heart disease has increased over the last 100 years. Inflammation is normal part of the healing process however excessive chronic inflammation is where problems and disease occur. All diseases are just names for the same process of the out of control inflammatory process. Parkinson’s is partly an auto immune disease. Shantay has a question about taking prescription drugs and nutritional supplements together. GUEST – Catalina Martone the Healthy Gut Girl. www.healthygutgirl.com.

Wednesday 19 July 2017
Talking about 70% of Americans dealing with multiple chronic health conditions. We have the power if we understand that the body falls apart generically. Gary from Florida has a question about what part of America you live in and your health. Laureata from Florida has osteoarthritis. GUEST – Holly Lucille author of The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey or Comphrey. Product called Traumaplant Compfrey cream. Using comphrey topically. www.drhollylucille.com

Thursday 20 July 2017
Good and bad foods can both have an inflammatory effect. Physiological inflammation can be caused by anxiety or psychological stress. Heart failure is associated with important gut bacteria. Research reveals surprising benefits to chewing your food. Jo from Tennessee has a question about chicken feed with corn, wheat and soya. Also a question about reacting to eating eggs. Jonny B from Missouri has had success with fatty liver disease.

Friday 21 July 2017
Repeat show from Friday 14 July 2017.

Monday 24 July 2017
Talking about statin drugs and heart disease. The cause of heart and cardiovascular disease is not elevated cholesterol. 25% of American adults over 45 are on statin drugs. There is no link between bad LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. When the body is in chronic survival stress mode we have a disease. 90% of American men are over fat not overweight. Stuart from Denver has nasal polyps. Mary from Michigan is about to have cataract surgery. Curtis from West Virginia has a viral and bacterial infection.

Tuesday 25 July 2017
Talking about statin drugs and the false idea of using them to lower our cholesterol to prevent heart disease. Statin are prescribed to eldery people however the side effects and toxicity outweigh any benefits. We can lower our cholesterol by lowering our blood sugar and insulin. Hyperinsulinemia. Concentrate on the digestive system and the blood sugar system to improve health. Chronic liver inflammation linked to western diet. Fermented Red Clover extract stops menopausal hot flashes. Ernest from Texas has a son who had a seizure. Elaine from Alaska has a husband who going to get his teeth fillings or amalgums taken out.

Wednesday 26 July 2017
The cause of heart disease is due to blood sugar and insulin issues. Even if you have not been diagnosed with diabetes you can still have blood sugar and insulin resistance problems. Micro inflammation is behind all chronic degenerative disease. Higher levels of CRP(c-reactive protein) and homocysteine increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Error? Rest of the shows seems to be a repeat from Friday 14 July 2017.

Thursday 27 July 2017
Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and poisoning cholesterol making cells with statin drugs is not going make you healthier. The chronic out of control stress response is the real cause of most diseases. Reducing inflammation is an important health strategy which we have control over. Support digestive health for heart disease. Support building connective tissue for heart disease. A single exercise session can benefit brain health. Eating at the wrong time affects body weight. Wes from Idaho has a comment about bacterial sapiens and milk.

Friday 28 July 2017
Strategies to protect your heart and prevent heart disease. Important nutrients for the heart like vitamin C, magnesium, co enzyme q10, vitamin E, selenium carnitine and carnosine. The brain and the heart are connected and communicate information. Leaky blood brain barrier linked to alzheimer’s. Antidepressants have negative impact on aquatic life. Why sugary drinks and protein meals go together. Pete from Minnesota has a wife who is not perspiring or sweating properly. Diane from Nebraska has had success using Ben’s retinol Gel product. Lisa from Texas has cold feet and bad circulation in her feet.

Monday 31 July 2017
Talking about the myth of heart disease and the cholesterol hypothesis. The body has a mechanism to deal with blockages in blood vessels called collateral artery formation. Angiogram tests can be highly inaccurate. There is no evidence that coronary heart bypass surgery or angioplasty surgery can extend life. Walnuts may promote health by changing gut bacteria. Dulled taste may promote more calories on the path to obesity. Schizophrenia and depression may become redundant terms. Cancer cells put the brakes on the immune system. Jerry from Texas had a mini stroke. Carl from Oregon has a question about cortisol and bone shrinkage.