June 2018

This months descriptions written by Paul Velte
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Friday 1 June 2018 Detoxification of the metabolites of estrogen. Estrogen causes fibrotic conditions. Hyaluronic acid (HA) and how it is made. It used to be made from rooster combs and was very expensive. Its importance to skin. Its structure. It is best to eat it. Egg shell membrane is high in HA. HA is one of the most powerful multifunctional substances you can take. One-quarter teaspoon will hold about a gallon of water. LHA magnetizes water. It is a polysacharride (a sugar). Article shows rosacia is linked with nervous system dysfunction. Ben says rosacia is NOT a skin problem. How to use rosacia as a diagnostic tool. JAMA study: Vit. D helps babies grow in utero. Sun exposure is the best way to get your vit. D, between noon and 2 p.m. Study: EFA’s effect on liver cell membranes. Caller Grace about egg shell membranes and how to harvest them and bad apple cider vinegar. Sherry calls about about gray hair, and wants to know dosage for glycine, glutamine, pregnenalone, and NAC.

Monday 4 June 2018 All about Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It structures water and makes it piezoelectric. HA has many benefits, like wound healing post surgery. HA is pro inflammatory because it has a low molecular weight, while anti-inflammatory substances have high molecular weight. Article: Taurine can help with sclerosis of the liver. Article about Septic shock. Thiamine injections reduced morbidity. Mosquitoes hate thiamine. Carl the Truth Raider calls about sea weed snacks and a young woman who claims to be allergic to iodine. Ben puts that idea to rest. You *cannot* be allergic to a necessary nutrient. Caller about the uselessness of chemo for breast cancer.

Tuesday 5 June 2018 Talking about Hyaluronic Acid and the skin care industry’s fads, like radioactive skin cream. Snail slime is the latest fad. Discussion of types of sugars and alcohols. Reuters article: Macular degeneration is lowered by Mediterranean diet which is rich in pigments. Study: Exercise does not prevent heart disease. Jim in Colorado asks about excess iron in his blood.

Wednesday 6 June 2018 Talking about hyaluronic acid and glucoronic acid. Tumeric supports phase 2. Glyciene, glutamine, green tea, calcium D glucorate, zinc, magnesium all support phase 2, as do cruciferous vegetables and mushrooms. Article: Cancers are related to your lifestyle. Caller about 16 year old daughter with asthma, exema, and breathing problems. Article: Chlorine in pools is hazardous. Surprise surprise. It kills microbes, and hurts us as well. Guest Melissa Calladay, a nutritional pharmacist in AZ who came to the same conclusions that Ben has on Rx drugs.

Thursday 7 June 2018 Talking Bile today. It has 2 major roles: 1) digestion and 2) detox. Bile is like a soap for fats, minerals and plant pigments. For elimination or “detox” bile removes bad stuff. Choline, Taurine, and enzymes all help the bile system. Toxins of all kinds will build up, including cholesterol and Rx drugs if you don’t have functionable bile. Bile IS a natural statin drug because it removes cholesterol. Article from Univ. of Maryland: Bile acids (also called bile salts) regulate cardiovascular function. Caller David from Pennsylvania has a friend with blood in stools and vomiting. Barbara in California with pneumonia. Dawn calls about getting a gastric sleeve.

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Tuesday 12 June 2018 Detoxification. The body is good at it but cannot handle too much. Cannot avoid some toxicity but you *can* control what you voluntarily introduce. Almost all animals make vit. C from glucoronate. Guinea pigs, primates, and fruit bats do not make their own vit. C. Study: Being alone—feeling alone—is a predictor of poor outcomes in all diseases. This shows how the mental/emotional/spiritual side of life affects physical health. Article: Spiritual experiences affect the parietal cortex and your ability to recover and quit addictive behaviors. Ben talks about how “The God Helmet” built by Michael Persinger & Stanley Koren caused spiritual experiences (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_helmet). Kevin from California has a daughter with celiac disease. A food diary is the answer, per Ben. Carol from S. Carolina about “Fitbit” clothing that gives you biofeedback and her very low heart beat rate (~45-50 bpm). Ben discusses bradycardia.

Wednesday 13 June 2018 Talking about liver detox, and Glucuronidation. The body sticks a molecule on a toxic molecule to de-activate it. This is how Rx drugs and cigarette smoke are eliminated. This is why taking drugs of any kind put an additional load on your detox system. Ben discusses Gilbert’s syndrome and elevated bilirubin levels. Green tea and rosemary support bilirubin; curcumin and carotinoids do as well. Kombucha is good too, and has glucoronic acid in it. J. of Digestive Disease: there’s a link between bile acids and glucose, that is, sugar and fat digestion. J. of Stanford Medicine: shows seaweed helped good gut bacteria in mice. Study: Dark chocolate (>70% cocoa) helps reduce stress and inflammation. Danny in Florida calls about P53 oncogene. Ben launches into a lecture on how to fight cancer. Cancer cells are suffocated cells. Cells revert to fermentation of sugar for creating energy when they cannot get oxygen. Breathing, exercise, and avoiding toxins are the three ways to fight cancer. Meds only add to toxicity.

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Monday 18 June 2018 Talking the bile system and bilirubin. Ben recommends sunflower lecithin. Bile acids = bile salts. Bile is 97% water, lecithin, and salts. Bile acids will dissolve gall stones. It is called “Oral lytholysis.” J. of Neurology: Diabetes linked to increased risk of Parkinson’s disease. Dee from Slovenia doesn’t listen too well and talks over Ben. Skinny Robert from Colorado calls about skin cracks in the skin of his feet. Ben says it is diabetes. James in Utah asks about niacin dosages.

Tuesday 19 June 2018 Talking about detox circulation of bile, the Terro hypatic system, which goes from liver to intestine and back to the liver. Some bile needs to be dumped out. If it is not, gallstones form. Ben discusses good and bad colors of stools. Bile deficiency problems are caused by lack of EFA’s, vit. A, selenium, and zinc. Estrogenic health challenges result too. Vitamins help the following;
Vit. A – macular degeneration.
Vit. D – cancers.
Vit. D & A – osteoporosis & skin wrinkles.
Vit. E – all cell membranes.
The answer to a weak bile system is to supplement with bile salts, ACV, and lecithin.
Ben gives a lecture on studies on the science of gall bladder removals. Dr. Jonathan Wright wrote a book, “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You.” He says 99.9% of gall stone surgeries are caused by food allergies, and could be prevented with changes in diet. Dr. James Brennanan, Chairman of Food Allergy Committee of the American College of Allergists, article: Gut microbes may contribute to depression, anxiety and obesity. John in Ohio calls about pancreatitis. Ben references Dr. Mark Sircus on soda bicarbonate.

Wednesday 20 June 2018 Talking about bile. It is second most important bodily fluid. The Greeks knew of ‘yellow and black’ bile. Ben gives a general lecture on Greek theory on bile. Ben discusses the Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta states of the brain. The Truthraider calls again about the difference between RNA and DNA. Caller about how to store vit. C to keep it viable. THDA is the form Ben uses in his products.

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Monday 25 June 2018 Still talking bile. Benefits of the Ultimate Enzymes: cold resistance, blood thinning, dissolving gallstones–“gall bladder surgery in a bottle,” and detoxification. If you take them on an empty stomach, they won’t be used to digest food. Lecture: The 4 humors. J. of Clinical Investigation study: Bile salts (acids) can fight diabetes. They improve insulin sensitivity. J. of Lipids, Health & Disease says EFA’s and metabolites can function as endogenous HMG coA reductase, that is, a statin drug. And that means they lower cholesterol. They also function as ace enzyme inhibitors, that is, they lower blood pressure. EFA’s are anti-inflammatory, anti-eurhythmic, anti-hypertensive, and anti-atherosclerotic. Karen in Texas calls about a client with massive hives. Naomi from S. Dakota is 39 and has had 1 miscarriage and 2 ‘preemies’ (pre-mature births). She has endometriosis. Mary in Oregon calls about using Ben’s Truth Balm in the corner of her eyes to stop tearing and asks about a cyclical Keto diet.

Tuesday 26 June 2018 More on Bile. Glucuronidation gets rid of toxins like the metabolites of estrogen (i.e., used, oxidized? estrogen) which are *very* toxic. These metabolites are called “catacolestrogens.” Ben discusses the benefits of rooibos tea and herbs. J. of Dermatology article on eradication of H. Pylori. Ricky from Mississippi calls about a parathyroid issue. Carol from S. Carolina calls about stage one melanoma.

Wednesday 27 June 2018 Talking about Glucuronidation, and how to ‘up regulate’ it so you can benefit. Green and herbal teas do it. Ben starts going through lots of herbs and what they can do for you. But fasting is the best way to detox. Rosemary, sage, vit. C, cilantro, milk thistle all support Glucuronidation. Caller about “MSA” or multiple system atrophy. Chris in Texas calls about the first FDA approved CBD drug. Melissa in California about her son with elevated bilirubin. Guest: Dr. Joanne Conaway (Power Hour Host) on gut health and her book that connects gut health to immunity. She discusses a supplement made from ‘hyper immune eggs’ called ‘i26.’ Chicken hens are exposed to 26 bad bacteria and they form immunity, which they pass on to their eggs. She discusses use of enzymes without food; they clean out the trash in your blood and help with weight loss too.

Thursday 28 June 2018 Talking detox from an herbalist’s perspective. You don’t need herbs to detox but herbs can help if your liver is in good shape. Milk thistle, green tea, clove, nettles, cilantro, rosemary, sage, oregano, dandelion and burdock help with Glucuronidation. Body fat stores toxins, so burning fat will release them and you need to be ready to detoxify them. Quercetin and all the xanthenes (xanthines) and Kombucha tea all help with detoxification. J. of Comprehensive Reviews of Food Science & Food Safety says Kombucha tea reduces heart disease, is anti-hypertensive and anti-atherosclerosic. Ben lectures on HPB drugs which are very toxic, the vagus nerve, serotonin, and Kombucha tea’s benefits. It’s like ACV (apple cider vinegar), only better. Nat’l Academy of Science says oral insulin. Ben lectures about insulin. It is a growth factor, so it causes obesity and blood vessels to grow and raises cholesterol. Excess insulin is a bad thing. Anise in Florida calls about endometriosis. Ben tells us all how to avoid endo. Caller about the tetanus vaccine. Cathy in Pennsylvania about her premature baby.

Friday 29 June 2018 All about Kombucha tea – an excellent way to detox. It has short chain fatty acids, which are easy to use. Long chain fats are less stable and a lot of systems have to be working correctly to process them. Univ. of Buffalo study: Vit. D increases athletic performance. Your skin makes vit. D when the sun hits cholesterol in your skin. Vit. D is a type of cholesterol, like all steroid hormones. That’s why vit. D is a steroid hormone, that is, a growth substance. Jessica in Austin, Texas calls about the sugar in Kombucha tea. Ben says that since it is fermented sugar, it is not as bad. Caller about tetanus vaccine. He points out that city folks don’t need it because they are not working among a lot of animals faeces. He also mentions mercurochrome, a colloidal form of mercury used to kill infections topically in the past. Caller about dry skin. Caller about using baking soda for a pancreatitis. Ben says it should help, just don’t take it with food.