March 2024

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World of nutrition and supplementation. World of the Body. World of Biology. Recoveries by the standard of modern medicine can only be called a miracle. The healing, renewing, regenerating system is just how the body is designed and works.

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Saturday 2 March 2024 Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or dysbiosis, and SIBO. IBS and many other conditions. Work on the gut. Peripheral artery disease. Dysglycemia. Understanding how the body works. Check what is getting into the body through the skin or with food. FODMAP (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols) fermentable by-products, sugars, long chain sugars and short chain sugars. Bacteria feed on these, they love sugar. Gas. Keep a food-diary. Symptoms of ingestion of FODMAP foods mimic the symptoms of gluten-intolerance. Lactose intolerance. Book ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome’ by Natasha Campbell-McBride. Guest: Dr. Carl Rothchild, author of Illuminated Healing, about Red Light Therapy with Dr. Carl Rothchild. Differences of Near-Infrared (NIR) vs. Far-Infrared (FIR) Light Therapy. Photobiomodulation therapy. Parkinsons. Heart-attacks. Cataracts. Macular Degeneration. Therapy Beds.

Sunday 3 March 2024 Electricity. Flow of electrical energy. Metaphysical medicine and physical medicine. Grounding. Sand is a rich source of electrons. Simplified, negative charges is with lots of energy, positive charges represents shortages in energy. The highest concentrations of negative ions are in nature, moutains, forests, waterfalls, beaches, oceans. Connective tissues. Nutrients are carriers of electrical energy. Food contains macronutrients the electrical energy which is the caloric content of food, and the micronutrients are the carriers of the electrical energy; both are needed to deliver the energy for chemical reactions. Our food today is rich in the calories but deficient in the micronutrients. TruthTreatments , truth skin health is quantum skin care because the active ingredients work by improving the movement of electrical / quantum particles to heal the skin and for skin health. Glutamine is a growth nutrient. Glutathione. Vitamin K. Cancer cell is a sick cell that feeds on sugar. Keeping your body clean. Guest: Jeff Casper and Jona Bryndis about Energy Training and Healing, Energy Healers and metaphysical teachers. Energy perception. Intuition. Incongruence. Get in touch with / connect with your body and emotions. Goals.

Saturday 9 March 2024 Nutritional Supplementation Program with Youngevity. Join the Team link at Bright Side Ben. Pharmacist Ben does a Zoom on Daily with Doc every Friday at 1:00 pm Mountain time. Grounding. Extracellular matrix (ECM) within which the cell is embedded is the main determining factor of the health of the cell. The blood is part of the matrix. ‘All disease is cell disease’. Apoptosis is cell death or cell suicide. Importance of Niacin. Topical Nutritional Supplement on formulated by Pharmacist Ben. Guest: Dr. Noah St. John, a coach, author of 24 books including the ‘7 figure expert’ a guide to A Life of More Impact, Influence and Financial Freedom. Get your free book at shipping not included. Power Habits. Affirmations. ‘Afformations‘ trademarked by Noah St. John means empowering questions that starts with ‘Why’.

Sunday 10 March 2024 Energy Medicine or Information Medicine. Biofield science. How the body regulates itself. Matrix. Extracellular matrix. Connective tissue system. Book by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey ‘Decoding the Human Body-Field the new science of information as medicine’. Biochemistry works because of electromagnetics. Quantum Physics. Thoughts have power over the quantum nature of the body. The water system of the body. As we age we loose the ability to structure water. Bone Broth. Building blocks of collagen. Gylcine. Hyaluronic acid. Polysaccharides. Glucans. Anti-aging strategies. Truth Skin health products formulated by Pharmacist Ben in his pharmacy. They are topical nutritional supplements to heal and beautify skin. Dry skin, eczema, psoriasis. Guest: Kate Greer of Contagious Vulnerability, taming and befriending voices in the head. She is a vulnerability doula (between coaching and therapy), helping a person birth into a more authentic person and being true to themselves. Meaningful connections.

Saturday 16 March 2024 Inflammation & Calcification. Electrical nature of the body. Parkinson’s disease is an overactive sympathetic system. Digestive issues. Fight and Flight; Sympathetic and parasympathetic system. Warm bath kicks in the parasympathetic nervous system. Keep the body working healthy. The body is an incredibly complex system made up of many complex systems, but there is there is also simplicity. The body is a perfectly fined tuned running closed system / biochemical machine with some exceptions. Port of entry into the body e.g. mouth and nose, and be careful of what we handle. The primary source of interference or cause a disturbance in the body is Food what we ingest into the system. The Digestive system is the first principle / point in the Triangle of Disease. Health challenges / chronic degenerative illnesses have to be tracked back to food. Although simple its not simplistic; it takes time. Inflammation and disease is the end response. Some inflammation is a protective defensive response. Macro and micro inflammation are important for survival. Macro inflammation is visible to the naked eye e.g. black eye, pimple, etc; it protects the body from further harm. Four cardinal signs of inflammation: redness, heat, pain and swelling. Inflammation is good when it is done correctly; it leads / triggers anti-inflammation where healing comes in. Think of it as an airbag / air cast. Micro inflammation is microscopic, we can’t see it, its at the level of the cell. However, if cells are chronically being disturbed, distorted, breaking down then you get lots of areas of inflammation then it gets difficult for the oxygen and nutrition to get through into the effected micro inflammatory areas. Guest: Douglas Mulhall, author of The Calcium Bomb:The Nanobacteria Link to Heart Disease & Cancer and Discovering the Nature of Longevity: Restoring the heart and body by targeting hidden stress. Calcium is essential for the functioning of every cell in the body, however it is also a weapon used unintentionally by the immune system to turn against you. Chronic inflammation. Calcification. Heavy metals and low level infections that escape standard detection in lab tests. The American Heart Association has determined that low levels of heavy metals to be a major heart disease risk. They promote chronic inflammation. When inflammation fails, the calcification casing steps in and a coating of calcification in the walls of the arteries which leads to hardening of the arteries; this is before plague sets in even though calcification is in the plague. Total stress load is not any single thing its a combination of things like heavy metals, bacteria, damage. Enzymes can get rid of some heavy metals, cruciferous vegetables, sulforaphane vegetables. Once the calcification occurs, you can get rid of it. Chelation therapies. National Institute of Health study 10-year clinical, double blinded trial showed chelation therapy when properly administered. It removes heavy metals. Calcium Score shows level of calcification in your arterial system. There aren’t many studies over the last 30 years on measuring the reduction of the calcification scores. In 2023 study called reduction of calcium scores using intravenous chelation which showed when done over time had average reduction in scores of 27% BUT its not for everybody like convenience to get the therapy. Oral chelating substance combined with nutraceuticals called NanobacTx. Dietary approaches. Combination, not individual substances, with Magnesium, Vitamin K, C, B, EDTA, etc in a capsule that bypasses the stomach acids administered at night before bed because the body is repairing itself at night. Collagen gives strength and rigidity. Elastin fiber gives flexibility. Scientists at Clemson University breakthroughs.

Sunday 17 March 2024 Beta glucans. Adaptogens. Immunomodulators. Inflammation. Do a food diary and fast a couple of days before starting your food diary will make your symptoms more profound with specific foods you are eating. Write it down. Note and record your symptoms in your food diary. Dysbiosis. SIBO. Connective tissue deterioration. Anti-aging skin care TruthTreatments focuses on skin health and topical skin nutrition with skin care, transdermal delivery system products to build up the skin made with fat soluble Vitamin C, beta glucan, retinol, alpha hydroxy acids. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Water-burn. Most moisturizes just soften the dead skin on the surface of the skin. Acid in the digestive system is at a low enough pH. Water with food will spread the stomach acids more effectively over the food to help with the digestion especially if you don’t chew your food enough. Tired Eyes. Histamine. Eye problems are connected with the colon. Diamine oxidase (DAO) supplement helps breakdown histamine if dealing with histamine response. Vitamin C and Quercetin. Guest: Gabrielle Cianfrani of Boardwalk Beans Adaptogenic mushrooms. MycoSpectrum is a mushroom powder compound made up of dozen highly bioactive adaptogenic mushrooms, some fungi, and some other ingredients. Reduce stress whether its internal with eating something, or external. Get 15% discount that expires April 19th by entering code: BrightSide. Polysaccharides. Medicinal properties. 1,3 and 1,6 beta-glucans. Lion’s Mane. Mycelium. Grounding. Watch the ‘Fantastic Fungi’ on Netflix.

Saturday 23 March 2024 Network marketing Youngevity nutritional supplements; Join Ben’s team as a Distributor for a homebased business or a Preferred Customer to take care of your health. Take care of your own health authorities. American Heart Association press release on Intermittent fasting on those who ate only during an 8-hour window, but the study had people who already had cancer and heart issues, but no mention of other diseases they may have had before the fasting, or what they ate, or what they supplemented with, lifestyle, situations, etc.! Till today the American Diabetic Association encourages eating banana pancakes, and high fiber gluten free brownies, and mashed potatoes! Niacin study was done without including measuring the niacin; could be results were from kidney issues. Cholesterol standard protocol is partially determined by Merck who makes statin drugs. Many protocols and standard of care are from drug companies and device manufacturers. Take care of your own health; exercise, what you eat, supplement, sleep, spirituality, breathing, mental and emotional state. Be our own health authorities. Peanuts are a problem; they are not nuts they are beans / legumes. Food manufactures are allowed to have a certain amount of substances like mold, insect parts, etc. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring byproduct of mold that affects many crops. George Washington Carver, American agricultural scientist and inventor came up with all different things you could do with peanuts like peanut butter. Many skin health, autoimmune health problems are due to legumes. Ricin, for example, is a poison found naturally in castor beans. Peanuts have a history of being a source of protein and carbohydrates for a people that couldn’t afford meat. Guest: Edina Mauvana, spirituality consultant, creator of the Unity Consciousness Collective, host of podcast ‘Into the Light!‘, and author of Ascension is the new Attraction. She interviews many on quantum energy healers and energy based healing, and many help with different mental, physical, spiritual health. She has a referral network and refers people to the appropriate people for their spiritual journey. Ascension process. Global consciousness awakening, and individual spiritual awareness.

Sunday 24 March 2024 Quantum physics. Consciousness. Metaphysics. Electrical phenomenon of the body. Quantum Biology has become a thing over the last 20-25 years. The biofield hypothesis paper By Dr. Beverly Rubik gives the scientific foundation. Electromagnetic bioinformation for regulating homeodynamics (controlling the body). Deepak Chopra and Richard Dawkins interview on Quantum healing. Quantum health. Double slit experiment. Quantum science. When you look at something you change it. When system is coherent it has a form/shape. Information, its in form. Diseases are distortions in the in-formation. Work on consciousness: As you think so you will be. Supplements work at the quantum level, make positive change. Example of coherent light (rays) is powerful like laser used in surgery, fiber optics etc. Water in the body needs to be coherent, like a semi-conductor. Guest: Sheila Patel, MD. Practicing psychiatrist and author. What messages did people get in their childhood. Mental Health. Healing with the 5 senses. How to make peace with yourself. Political freedoms, and mental health. How helicopter and snow plough parents (they take away all the obstacles for the children) are effecting their children. Childhood confidence, fear from parenting, coaches, teachers, any responsible adults. For example to ask questions, or do age appropriate things. Child has to be receptive. Children feel confident in a stable environment. Positive role modeling. Teach children how to deal with difficult situations. Many politicians are not a good role models. Don’t compare the kids, don’t make the child feel adequate. Children internalize problems for example if Parents say ‘you make me mad’. Or to stop crying, then it doesn’t allow children to express themselves. Parent should say it in a positive way. Set limits with children, have consequences. Values need to be set at home. Millennials. Gen Z.

Saturday 30 March 2024 Youngevity Nutritional Supplements and products. Buy products from and Join Pharmacist Ben’s team on Marketing. Feeling. Critial Thinking. Intermittent fasting. Be your own health authority. Food choices. Leaky Gut Syndrome. Intestinal health. Inflammation. IBS. SIBO. Backtrack health challenge to intestinal health. FODMaps. Foods that feed the bacteria in the intestines. Bacterial profileration. Keep a food diary and write it down. There are plenty of ‘good’ foods, but some of these good foods may cause havoc in the intestines. Will talk about the paper in future show(s): ‘Super coherent state of biological water’ Super fluid; water in the body. Check out skin care formulatd by Pharmacist Ben on Niacin (Vitamin B3). Niacin deficiency causes Pellagra Guest: Stan Dennison, CEO and Founder of Sta-Natural talks about Protein Shakes. Wife, Laura Dennison, is a naturopathic Doctor and formulator of the TMR (Total Meal Replacement) Protein Shake. It tastes good. Vanilla or Chocolate. It has nothing bad in it. Can be mixed in water. Is fine for diabetics and regulates sugar for 5-6 hours. Its keto friendly. It mixes well without power tools; doesn’t clump. Can make it overnight and refrigerate it and have it the next day, can put it in ice-cube trays and have it like a desert. Can loose weight, or gain weight. 5 different types of protein; fast, medium and slow release proteins. TMR is designed to help burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy, and support healthy blood sugar. It contains no artificial sugars, colors, or sweeteners, and is caffeine free and gluten free. This great-tasting meal replacement shake not only offers 24 grams of pure protein per serving, but the benefits of naturally occurring amino acids, 20 different vitamins and minerals, and no artificial sugars. There are differences in stevia; TMR has a high grade quality stevia. Replace your worst meal of your day to loose weight. Its cost effective. Try it. Sta-Natural has other supplement formulations with clean healthy ingredients. Plant-based protein shake. Transdermal optical imaging with the Zyto app.

Sunday 31 March 2024 Niacin (Vitamin B3) Two studies, based on surveys/questionaires: 1.) Intermittent Fasting. Headline claimed 91% more likely to die, the survey didnt ask what they ate or their lifestyle or history of illness. But intermittent fasting is good, gives your digestion system a break. Migrating Motor Complex MMC (the rumbling you hear in your tummy). Restricting calories is good. 2.) Headline: How Excess Niacin may promote cardiovascular diseases. The study didn’t even check for Niacin. They looked at 2PY and 4PY in blood plasma. 2PY and 4PY molecules both are produced when Niacin breakdown, but also produced by kidney disease also. Niacin is a valuable, essential nutrient for the heart by virtue of its ability to promotes circulation. Some forms of niacin, niacinamide or nicotinamide, may not give the flush; this form doesn’t give the heart health or cholesterol lowering benefits. The Niacin flush which is harmless, it causes redness and warmth and goes away in about 10-15-20-30 minutes. I f you have been using Niacin supplementation for a couple of weeks, you wont get the niacin flush. Use EFAs (essential fatty acids / omegas) with Niacin and you wont get the niacin flush. Niacin flush is an indicator that you are getting vasodialation benefits. Niacin is good for lowering blood cholesterol. Niacin for brain, digestive system, heart health, and skin. High protein foods are rich in niacin; legumes, fish, meat, organs, daily, nuts, peanuts. Peanut butter was to get protein to the poor people in the post civil war south. They were difficient in protein and also niacin and had skin issues, and working in the sun had sun sensitivity and red skin/ red necks. Guest: Toni King, Medicare Expert and Consultant, and author of Medicare Freedom She has a podcast Medicare Moments. ‘What you don’t know will hurt you’ she says. She has authored many books on Medicare. She is an insurance agent and she helps people navigate the social security system. When you turn 65, you get the Medicare handbook. Medicare Part A and Part B is the original Medicare. Part C is Medicare Advantage plan (HMO, PPO), and Part D is Medicare’s Prescription Drug plan which has a ‘donut hole’ in it. Toni updates the book every year so it is current. In her Medical Survival guide, she has information on Medicare. People are stressed. She inserted biblical quotes in the book. Medicare Part A is not free; you pay your tax dollars. You don’t have to sign up for Medicare if you turn age 65. There are different rules for example if you are working for a company with company benefits insurance and you sign up for Medicare Part A then you can’t fund your HSA. If you are a high income earner, you will pay more for Medicare. There is Medicare Supplement which Toni is in and has Part B and is a high income earner. Need to see what fits your needs. If you don’t get your social security check then you will not be enrolled in Medicare. There is a Medicare penalty if you are not working fulling time and you don’t sign up for Medicare. She consults individuals and couples.