March 2015

Monday 2 March 2015
Talking about medium chain triglyceride’s MCT’s and coconut oil. Oils like coconut oil and butter help dissolve nutrients from vegetables for skin protection. MCT’s can be dissolved in water easier than fat. Short chain fatty acids are water soluble and can help suppress appetite. Donald has cancer cells on his cheek and has a question about OZONE creams for the skin. Egg plant cancer cure. Nancy from Tennessee has a question about whey protein concentrate vs isolate. Also question about raw goats milk. Robert from Castle Rock has lost over 100 pounds in weight. He has slipped over in the ice and hurt his knee cap. Steven from Virginia has a question about different types of Vitamin E. Todd from Portland has had bypass surgery and wants to know if nitric oxide will help.

Tuesday 3 March 2015
Talking about one of Ben’s friends who has a hernia. The breakdown process in the body. Degenerative diseases and fasting. Fasting calms down inflammation and the immune system response. Bad ideas and meme’s. Probiotics in the gut and fibre. Letter from Paul who has a girlfriend with fibroids. Randy from Oklahoma has loose stools and diarrhoea. Steven from Texas has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Ramone from Texas has a comment about vaccines.

Wednesday 4 March 2015
Talking about fats. Fats in plants are the result of the energy from sun. Fats are triglyceride’s and can be short, medium or long. Sources of resistant starch or fibre. Prebiotics are food for probiotics and gut bacteria. SCFA’s short chain fatty acids are found in butter and can suppress appetite. SCFA’s and the brain. Gina from Oregon recommends the bright side philosophy. Lucy from Texas has brother with a muscle and nerve problems. Leo from Oregon has a comment about mandatory vaccinations.

Thursday 5 March 2015
Talking about short chain fatty acids SCFA’s. Butyric acid is found in butter. Fermented foods, vegetables and fibre for our gut bacteria to make SCFA’s. Soluble and insoluble fibre. Resistant starch. Banana flour. (Seems there was a technical glitch? – the following parts seem to be a repeat) Letter from Mark who has metabolic syndrome, diabetes, IBS, eczema and sleep apnoea. Has a question about whey protein and blood sugar spikes. Robert from Idaho has a question about the sleep deprivation associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Leo from Oregon has a question about recreational swimming and chlorine in the swimming pool.

Friday 6 March 2015
Repeat show.

Monday 9 March 2015
Talking about short chain fatty acids SCFA’s. The many benefits of SCFA’s like butyric acid which can be found in butter. Bacteria in the gut feed on fibre and sugar to produce SCFA’s. Cells become cancerous because they have been dealing with long term suffocation, toxicity and nutritional deprivation. A cancer cell is an abused cell. Chemotherapy kills our own cells. Making the body strong so it can deal with all degenerative disease as well as cancer. Joanne from Northern Ireland has be diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or inflammation of the colon. Rose from Virginia has a question about pulmonary hypertension. Zoe from West Virginia has seborrheic keratosis appearing on her skin.

Tuesday 10 March 2015
Caloric restriction and fasting can up regulate short chain fatty acids SCFA’s. Seasonal allergies like hay fever. SCFA’s can cause cancer cells to commit suicide. Detoxification using bentonite clay. Chelation therapy. Dietary fibre and resistant starch which bacteria feed on in the intestine to produce SCFA’s. Billy from England has low testosterone and wants some ideas to build testosterone. Nancy from Tennessee has a grandson who has problems with eating sugar, fructose and fruit. Brian from North Carolina has been having trouble with his Achilles tendon. Mike from Colorado has a neighbour with a broken leg.

Wednesday 11 March 2015
Talking about short chain fatty acids SCFA’s. Butyric acid is found in butter. Butyrate. Fasting, loosing weight and dietary fibre. Ketogenic diet. The ketogenic should not be confused with the paleo diet. Don from Georgia has a question about the different forms of minerals. The word after the mineral is important to know how well the body handles that mineral. Steve from Virginia has a friend with lung cancer. GUEST – Eleazar Kadile, M.D. Author of Stop Dying Fat. Talking about why being fat is not our fault. Understanding obesity. Fats in the body can store toxins. Vitamin D, leptin and appetite. Strategies for loosing weight.

Thursday 12 March 2015
Talking about the ketogenic diet and cancer. Calming the body down. Ulcerative colitis and fasting. How to calm down the body using the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is not the paleo diet. Short chain fatty acids SCFA’s and butter. Apple cider vinegar is acetic acid which is a short chain fatty acid. Kelly from South Carolina has a success story about an auto immune disease and the ketogenic diet. Letter from Todd who was bitten by a tick and thinks he has Lyme disease. Letter from lady who has a baby with ebstein’s anomaly and asthma.

Friday 13 March 2015
The truth about disease is all disease is the same. All disease is cell disease. In order for anything to get into the body in a chronic long term sense, it must be in the blood. A dirty circulatory system. Apple cider, acetic acid and short chain fatty acids SCFA’s. Butter and ghee. Vinegar is a water soluble fat. Davenport from Massachusetts has a daughter with fibroids. Maria from Illinois is having knee surgery and has a question about pain killers and the prescription drugs they want to give her. Mel from Texas has a fiend with polycythemia which is an elevated red blood cell count. Bruce from Kansas has inflammation in the rectal area.

Monday 16 March 2015
Talking about the simplicity of health. Disease is a burden or stress on the body. Cancer cell and tumours. Mental and spiritual aspects of health and disease. Long term chronic stress. Emotions and thoughts. Compassion and fear. Chuck from Michigan has a father with macular degeneration and has had cataract surgery. Annette from North Carolina has a question about how to take apple cider. Also a question about glutamine. Question about herbs and spices. Robert from Colorado has creaking and cracking in his neck. Sherry from Texas has liver problems and vasculitis. Has had success using fermented cod liver oil for hair loss.
Tuesday 17 March 2015
Repeat show from Monday 3 February 2014.

Wednesday 18 March 2015
Repeat show from Thursday 6 March 2014.

Thursday 19 March 2015
Repeat show from Thursday 13 February 2014.

Friday 20 March 2015
Disease is a chronic lack of ease. Restoring a state of ease. Behind all disease is a defensive response. Immunity and inflammation are about protection. Health is about freedom and independence. Relaxing the body and returning back to a state of ease. Short chain fatty acids SCFA’s like butyric acid. Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid or GHB and gamma-Aminobutyric acid or GABA. Artificial ingredients, seizures, autism and schizophrenia. Sarah from Texas is on methadone and would like to wean herself off. Mike from Montreal has a niece with neurofibromatosis NF1 and tumours. Dan from Texas has a mother with diabetes and elevated cholesterol.

Monday 23 March 2015
Talking about short chain fatty acids SCFA’s. Juicing, soups and how to keep the fibre using a Vitamix. The body can use these short fats for energy. Up regulating short chain fatty acids in the digestive system using fibre. Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid or GHB and gamma-Aminobutyric acid or GABA are made in the gut and can travel to the brain. Cannabinoids. The brain gut connection. Calm the body down for anti seizure. Chris from Maine has a question about raw cacao powder. Also question about pumpkin seeds. Also a question about xanthan gum and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. Vinegar and short chain fatty acids. Acetic acid and energy for the cells of the body.

Tuesday 24 March 2015
Talking about short chain fatty acids SCFA’s and fasting. We do not need to keep eating to get energy. SCFA’s can be used for energy by the body and the brain. Coconut oil and its cleansing properties. Apple cider vinegar and the skin. Acetic acid its ability to penetrate the surface of the skin. Exfoliation. Acetic acid and acne. Carolyn from Washington has a question about the difference between distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Also has itchy legs and rashes on her legs. Cindy from Virginia has a success story about her health challenges. Has a question about constipation and having a bowel movement every 5 days.

Wednesday 25 March 2015
Repeat show from Tuesday 25 March 2014.

Thursday 26 March 2015
Repeat show from Thursday 27 March 2014.

Friday 27 March 2015
Repeat show from Friday 28 March 2014.

Monday 30 March 2015
Talking about skin health and acne. Acne is a biochemical internal issue. Propionic acid is a short chain fatty acid SCFA’s. P Acnes or propioni bacterium acnes on the skin. Antibiotic resistance. Sebum and skin cells. Jeff from Michigan has a wife with stomach cancer. Dwayne from Illinois has severe leg cramps in his calf at night. Also thinks he had an allergic reaction to the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Larry from Indiana has a question about his calcium scores.

Tuesday 31 March 2015
Talking about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. The pharmaceutical industry is still looking for new antibiotics. Antibiotics cannot kill acne bacteria on the surface of the skin. You should never be on an antibiotic for more than a couple of weeks. Derek from Austin has a friend who has had a stroke or a cerebrovascular accident. Alma from California has a daughter with rheumatoid arthritis. Steve from Virginia has a friend who has lost cartilage in his joints. Robert is having problems with his eyes.