March 2016

Tuesday 1 March 2016
Talking about becoming addicted to foods and constantly eating to activate the reward system in the brain. We can activate our own pleasure centres without food. Mark from Ohio has a comment about bullet proof coffee which is coconut oil and coffee. He would also like to gain some muscle mass. Jerry from California has a question about the difference between the ultimate EFA’s and ultimate EFA’s plus.

Wednesday 2 March 2016
Talking about the ketogenic diet and caloric restriction. The strategies that improve performance for athletes and navy seals are the same strategies we should be using to reverse degenerative disease. In terms of energy and biochemistry in the body we do not want speed, we want more power which means eating fats because they contain more energy. Animals with fast metabolisms have fast biochemistry which means they have shorter life spans. Bernarr McFadden and fasting. Julie from Alabama has a question about the ketogenic diet. Also a question about the carbohydrate in the BTT. Gretchen from Ohio has a question about gritting and grinding her teeth and has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Thursday 3 March 2016
Ketogenesis is a way of changing how the body produces energy from food. Usually the body burns sugar and causes glycation. Wean off the sugar and increase fat intake to shift the body into fat burning mode. When fat is burnt in the body it produces ketones. Carbohydrates should comes from vegetables. The ketogenic diet burns food fat as opposed to fasting which burns stored fat in the body. Fasting gives the digestive system a break. Don from Texas has been diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease. Marlene from Minnesota treated an infection with tea tree oil. Also has a question about her husband and a rash on his back. RC from Monterey has an aunt who has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Mike from Los Angeles has a question about nuts, beans and legumes and taking the BTT. Also has a concern about a plastic mouth guard for grinding teeth. David from Texas has a question about taking NAC and glutathione.

Friday 4 March 2016
Fasting and the ketogenic diet make the body use fat as its energy source. The brain uses ketones through out the day. Breakfast is not necessary and we can skip it. Robert from Las Vegas has a comment about Edward Bernays and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Has a question the colour of your urine and hydration in the body. Rory from California has a question about acid reflux. Irene from California has been on a fast and using the Beyond Tangy Tangerine BTT. Socrates has a friend who grinds her teeth to the point where her dentists has noticed.

Monday 7 March 2016
Talking about the ketogenic diet and its major uses. The majority of your calories in the ketogenic diet should come from good fats. Processed and synthetic fats don’t count. The body is an electrical system. The pulsing of electrical energy is know as frequency. Minerals carry and store electrical frequencies which activate and turn on chemistry in the body. Minerals found in rocks need to be animated by vegetables. Joseph from Pennsylvania has a question about phytates in legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, corn, wheat and rice and how they block mineral absorption. Fulvic acid. Also has comments about bread. Mary from Oregon has been using Ben’s truth treatment product the omega 6 healing cream. Denise from Santa Cruz has a friend who is pregnant and wants some nutritional advice.

Tuesday 8 March 2016
Talking about how vegetables turn in-organic minerals into usable organic minerals. Nitrogen fixing bacteria and vegetables turn nitrogen into protein. Plants turn the sun into sugar. Animal products like eggs have a high nutrient value. Energy is concentrated as you move up the kingdom chain. Andre from California has graves disease and thyroid problems as well as seeing double. Beth from Michigan has a friend who has diabetes. David from Texas had success with graves disease.

Wednesday 9 March 2016
Animal products have a high nutrient value. High energy foods break down quickly and rot quickly. Humans are omnivores and we are meant to thrive on all kinds of food not just one type of food like vegetarianism. American cheese is a patented food product of actual cheese. Turning our attention to our stomachs to see if we are actually hungry or not. Try skipping breakfast or use vegetables for breakfast. Liz from Ohio has epilepsy and seizures. Candy from Wisconsin had success with crohn’s disease and has started the ketogenic diet. Brian from Kentucky is trying the ketogenic diet and is having trouble with coconut oil.

Thursday 10 March 2016
We can skip breakfast and should avoid sugar for breakfast. Kidney stones are on the rise in teenagers because of sugar and dirty blood. Food extrusion machines gave rise to the breakfast cereals industry we know today. Glen from Austin has a mother who has unspecified elevated serum HCG. Isaac from New York has chronic loose stools and a fistula. Barbara from Colorado has had some success with crohn’s disease. Also has a question about mould in her house.

Friday 11 March 2016
We need fatty nutrients for healthy skin. We will run into deficiencies if our fat absorption system is compromised. The skin makes its own moisture factors and these depend on the food we eat. Vegetables are naturally bitter because of the nutrients and phytonutrients they contain. Use butter and coconut oil with steamed vegetables. Robert from Ontario would like help with carpel tunnel syndrome. David from Texas has a question about ezekiel bread. Also has a question about juicing machines and how they remove or keep the fibre. Sarah has just got off opiates and has been having seizures.

Monday 14 March 2016
Talking about juicing vegetables. Fresh vegetables juices have more electrical energy in them. Vegetables juices that still have the fibre in them are more satisfying. Dietary fibre acts as a prebiotic which helps the probiotics. Fibre is good at clearing out the digestive system. Robert from Texas has inflammation or neuropathy in his feet. Ron from Pennsylvania has a blood pressure issue and is using niacin but is experiencing the niacin flush. Andre from Austin has a baby daughter who is getting a heat rash.

Tuesday 15 March 2016
The medical model manages disease and can not reverse disease. There is no profit in reversing disease. Talking about the importance of bile for good fat digestion. Having clean bile helps detoxification in the body. Gretchen from Ohio has a son who has aching all over his body he think is related to the BTT. Denise from Florida has a question about low blood sugar and adrenal acne. Letter about tinnitus.

Wednesday 16 March 2016
Talking about the importance of bile and gut bacteria. Bile is made from cholesterol and that’s why people on statin drugs experience digestive issues. They do not test the side effects of taking multiple drugs at the same time. Virginia from Ohio has had her gallbladder removed and is also hypothyroid. Letter from Kim who has two daughters with acne issues.

Thursday 17 March 2016
Talking about digestive health strategies and how they can protect you from disease like colon cancer and xenoestrogens. Even men need to protect themselves from xenoestrogens for prostate health. Antibiotics can have toxic side effects and are not benign drugs. How beta blocker drugs work on the heart. Alzheimer’s and dementia can be reversed or slowed down. Pwanda from Oklahoma has chest pains and doctors say its acid reflux. Clayton from British Columbia has a growth on his kidney which may be a benign tumour. Steven from Pennsylvania has a question about copper and zinc and how they balance each other. Also a question about copper and hair colour or grey hair. Sarah from Pennsylvania is dealing with black mould. Stewart from Colorado has a question about alcoholism.

Friday 18 March 2016
Alzheimer’s disease is accelerated ageing. The plaques that apparently cause Alzheimer’s disease happen all over the body. Plaques are the generic way the body responds to cell damage. Ratna has a great success story about getting off her prescription medication. Miles from Arizona has a friend with suppurativa hidradenitis. Sarah from Tennessee who’s mother had a brain injury and doctors now think she has parkinsons. Diane from Miami has a dog with chronic renal fatigue.

Monday 21 March 2016
Talking about the benefits of flax seeds. The budwig protocol which is flax seed oil and cottage cheese. Flax seeds are a good source of fibre. Probiotics feed on dietary fibre and produce butyric acid. Mike from California has pains in his kidney area, could be kidney stones. Mike from Los Angeles has a friend with lung cancer and is having chemotherapy.

Tuesday 22 March 2016
Talking about phytic acid and phytates found in grains and seeds. Seeds and grains have chemicals that keeps them dormant or asleep. These chemicals are known as anti nutrients. Phospholipids are a blend of fats and phosphorous. Phosphorous and its energetic, light emitting properties. Biophotons. Astara from New Jersey has a skin condition called Molluscum contagiosum. Andre from California has a wife who has been diagnosed with bone spurs and arthritis in her knee.

Wednesday 23 March 2016
Phytic acid is found in all plants and its role is to provide the plant and the seeds with phosphorus. A lot of the phosphorus we get in our diet comes from food additives. We need the right balance of calcium and phosphorus. Maria from California has endometriosis, bipolar and depression. Diane has a husband with shingles on his ear. He also has vertigo. Jo from Tennessee has a friend who has a tumour. Jeff from Canada has a daughter who is on dialysis for glomerular nephropathy.

Thursday 24 March 2016
Talking about phytic acid and how it chelates minerals. Phytic acid can protect against certain types of cancer. Gut bacteria have an ability to break up phytic acid into phosphorus and inositol. Tabitha from Texas has excessive dry skin. Paul from Tennessee has a question about phytic acid and hemp oil. CBD.

Friday 25 March 2016
Talking about lecithin and its emulsification properties. Lecithin, which is a component of bile, breaks down fats so they are soluble in water. Bile is our bodies natural soap. Do not let the medical model take out your gallbladder. Skin creams and lotions are emulsions of water, wax, oils and fatty substances. Mary from Oregon has been getting some success from taking hot baths. Has a question about green tea and caffeine. Grace from Miami has a comment about how long Ben’s retinol product has lasted her. Has a question about fasting and getting a head ache. Andre from California has a benign brain tumour which is effecting his optic nerve and vision and about to start chemotherapy or radiation. Diane from Miami has been using Ben’s truth treatment products. Kelly from Minneapolis has a son with acne and dandruff.

Monday 28 March 2016
Emulsification is where fatty and oily material can be dissolved in water. Skin products should be judged on their ingredients. Emulsification agents in skin products can cause irritation on the skin. Talking about what ingredients go into skin care products. Soaps and shampoo’s have emulsification agents in them. Lee from New Jersey has a question about taking probiotic and apple cider vinegar at the same time. Steve from Pennsylvania has a question about emulsifiers and saponification or saponins.

Tuesday 29 March 2016
Butter is an example of a natural emulsion. Gut bacteria feed on fibre and produce butyric acid which is important for mental health. Butter contains stigmasterol. The combination of butter and salt is delicious. The ingredients in mayonnaise. Gretchen from New York has a question about reverse osmosis water. Josie from Texas has wrinkles and thinning skin. Dave from Canada has had success with type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday 30 March 2016
Lecithin can be used as an emulsifier to make home made creams and lotions. Bees wax and borax blend. You can use lecithin and coconut oil to stop food sticking to the frying pan. Lecithin facilitates the cleaning of cholesterol from the arteries. The only difference between Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, is the part of the brain in which it occurs. Pam from California has a question about how to buy Ben’s Truth Treatment products if you do not have the internet. Also has a suggestion for a guest who had their thyroid removed. Victor from Los Angeles has inflammation of the prostate. Sandy from Saint Louis has been using the Youngevity products and is feeling the benefits. Has a question about coffee enemas. Carl from Oregon has a question about toothpaste and tooth gel.

Thursday 31 March 2016
Repeat show from Wednesday 20 January 2016 – Health is about the cell. Degenerative disease and inflammation go hand in hand. Spending on health care is set to rise in the coming years. The global market in diabetes drugs and management. John from Michigan has a question about ulcers and the colon and GMO’s. Also a question about rheumatoid arthritis. Brian has a question about where to get the vitamins D, E, A, K from. Anna from London has a husband who has chronic peeling, chapped and crusty lips. Angela from Florida has a question about a topical product for eczema on her face.