March 2017

Wednesday 1 March 2017
Repeat show from Thursday 14 January 2016.

Thursday 2 March 2017
Oestrogen is a baby growth hormone not a conception hormone. Oestrogen is a stress response hormone and is associated with stress related mental illness and disease. Oestrogen is an inflammatory hormone and causes water retention. Use progesterone to balance oestrogen. Oestrogen is a catch all word for several different forms of oestrogen. Work on adrenal health for menopausal issues. Researchers are probing the link between gut microbes and poor artery health. Intestinal bacteria alter gut and brain function. Scientist stimulate the immune system to stop cancer growth. Elaine from Alaska has a patient who is on Synthroid and Crestor. Mike from Texas has a friend diagnosed cardiomyopathy.

Friday 3 March 2017
Fake progesterone called medroxyprogesterone or Provera is toxic and is not the same as natural progesterone. Many different substances and foods can act as xenoestrogens. Oestrogens are a family of compounds not just one chemical. Oestradiol is one of the most potent forms of oestrogen, also it is given by doctors for menopause and osteoporosis. Oestrone is one of the weakest forms of oestrogen and is produced by belly fat. The more body fat you are carrying the more oestrogenic you will be. In men this effect will make you less masculine, less sexual and less fertile. BPA replacement found to cause oestrogen related problems. Study shows link between the microbiome in the gut and parkinson’s disease. Brook from Tampa has a question about the sugar content of fruits, vegetables and honey compared to refined sugar. Linda from Texas has a son who had an ear infection and was put on Levaquin which caused pain in his back, limbs and joints. Brian from Texas has a question about flax seeds and oestrogen. Also has a question about a using Advair long term for asthma. Carol from Washington has a daughter who experiencing shaking and blood sugar problems in the morning after breakfast.

Monday 6 March 2017
Talking about marketing and advertising campaigns and how they influence us. Such as chemical imbalances in the brain, bacon for breakfast and cholesterol causes heart disease. Breast cancer screening and mammograms. The different forms of oestrogens and their links to cancer. Don’t believe everything you read on skin care product labels. Stress and macular degeneration. Tips for a good nights sleep. John from Michigan has a friend who has hair on her back. Also has two other friends who have macular degeneration and dry itchy eyes. Chris from Texas had a question about levothyroxine, synthroid and hypothyroidism. Tommy from California has a 10 year old with acne on her forehead and her back.

Tuesday 7 March 2017
Oestrogen is a stress response hormone. Hormone replacement therapy and menopause. The symptoms of menopause are indicative of the stress response. Use hormone replacement therapy only if absolutely necessary. Use Triest or tri-oestrogen rather than bio identical hormones. Oestrogen break down metabolites are called catechol estrogens and need to be detoxified from the body. Dietary factors associated with substantial proportion of deaths from heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Gut microbes and poor artery health. Long term stress linked to obesity. Mario from New Jersey has a comment about obesity and his sit up and take notice challenge. Marshal from California has a friend who is having heavy menstrual cycles. Frank from Connecticut has a mother with hypothyroidism.

Wednesday 8 March 2017
Repeat show from Thursday 14 January 2016.

Thursday 9 March 2017
Repeat show from Thursday 14 January 2016.

Friday 10 March 2017
Repeat show from Monday 30 January 2017.

Monday 13 March 2017
Repeat show from Monday 30 January 2017.

Tuesday 14 March 2017
Oestrogen is much more than a sex hormone and men also produce oestrogen. Aromatase inhibitor drugs and breast cancer. Natural sources of aromatase inhibitors. Breast cancer drugs stop working when tumours make their own fuel. Robin from Oklahoma has anxiety and is on HRT. Paula from Florida has a mother has heart palpitations and diarrhoea also she has had colon cancer.

Wednesday 15 March 2017
All the problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think. The prescription drug Repatha and cholesterol. Hormones drugs deliver a high dose of oestrogens. Help cancer patients feel better and stronger. Boron deficiencies. Exercise and menopause. Dietary prebiotics improve sleep and buffer impacts of stress. Jason from Texas had his perianal area removed and now has a wound. Kelly from Texas has a fiend who has histamine build up and allergies. Pam from Michigan has had success with omega 6 healing cream.

Thursday 16 March 2017
Talking about oestrogen and the enzyme aromatase. Natural aromatase inhibitors. The B vitamins help the body process oestrogens especially vitamin B6 pyridoxine. HRT and vitamin C. Women with high sex hormone levels maybe prone to asthma and allergies. Denise from Santa Cruz has a friend with prostate cancer. Mike from California has a question about using beef tallow topically. Wes from Idaho has a question about low dose naltrexone and multiple sclerosis MS. Sherry has a question about how and where ascorbic acid vitamin C is produced.

Friday 17 March 2017
Repeat show from Monday 30 January 2017.

Monday 20 March 2017
Repeat show from Monday 30 January 2017.

Tuesday 21 March 2017
The more body fat we carry as men the more feminised we become. Body fat is associated with excess oestrogen production. High levels of oestrogen cause a stress response which will suppress digestive health. The Fodmap diet and digestive health. The intestinal mirco-flora play a key role in the circulation of oestrogens that appear in the bile. Oestrogen can make cells leaky especially intestinal cells which causes leaky gut and dirty blood. New blood thinner better at preventing recurrent blood clots. Vitamin E, selenium, alzheimer’s and dementia. The world happiness report top ten happiest counties. Susan from California has been diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and colitis. Benny from California has break outs on his fore head. Matthew from Texas has a question about the difference between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Wednesday 22 March 2017
Oestrogen is a connective tissue stimulating substance. We should not force our bodies to make connective tissue using hormones. The steroid hormones are potent and they are versions of cholesterol. The breakdown products of oestrogen can cause health problems. It is important to eliminate the catechol oestrogens from the body. Individual health cannot be determined by statistics. Oestradiol treatment has been shown to result in the destruction of neurons in parts of the brain. When we are healthy and strong we can respond to the stress and strains of life. If you are dealing with an autoimmune disease try fasting. Inflammation inducing chemicals are released from dying cells. Esra from Rhode island has muscular dystrophy and acid reflux. John from Texas has a painful frozen shoulder.

Thursday 23 March 2017
Progesterone is the real non-toxic hormone and progestins are the drug company versions of progesterone. It is important to eliminate the catechol oestrogens from the body to avoid oestrogen toxicity. Oestrogens should be cleared out by the liver, digestive system and bowel movements. Hormone replacement therapy HRT, digestive problems and hormone toxicity. Use dietary fibre like flax seeds. A daily dose of vitamin E may play a role in delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes. Vitamin E may decrease the risk of acute kidney injury after coronary catheterisation. Wes from Idaho has a comment about vegans and the oldest person in the world. Elaine from Alaska has a question about selling the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Alan from Santa Cruz has a question about side effects he is getting from taking multiple prescription drugs.

Friday 24 March 2017
Talking about oestrogen, vitamin E and progesterone. Vitamin E is anti oestrogen. Vitamin E is important for the circulatory system. Drug companies started the idea that oestrogen is primarily a female hormone. The first menopause drugs were made in the late 19th century. Insulin resistance may lead to faster cognitive decline. Life style intervention leads to a 10 point drop in blood pressure. Keith from New jersey has a question about the pH of urine. Also has a success story about using Ben’s advice to tackle atrophy and weakness. Rick from Michigan has a question about the different forms of vitamin E. Mara has a question about hydrogen peroxide therapy to increase oxygenation.

Monday 27 March 2017
The breakdown products of oestrogen are called catechol oestrogens. Balance oestrogen with 10% progesterone cream. Vitamin E is anti oestrogen. Vitamin E can help prevent damaged cholesterol called oxycholesterol. Selenium and insulin resistance. Polyphenols. Critical thinking instruction in humanities reduces beliefs in pseudo-science. Passive smoking. Changes in the vascular system may trigger alzheimer’s disease. Carol from Washington has a comment about miracle mineral solution. Bud from Texas has had success with pain in his feet and blood sugar issues. Would like some advice on how to loose the last 20 pounds of weight. Stuart from Colorado has a question about calcification of the glands.

Tuesday 28 March 2017
Talking about polyphenols like lignins which are found in flax seeds. Flax seeds can help sweep out toxins and catechol oestrogens from the body. Flax seeds are prebitotic and they have vitamin E and protein. Boosting natural brain opioids maybe a better way to treat anxiety. Cholesterol drugs shown to reduce inflammation in patients. Dave from Michigan has a question about the balance of calcium and magnesium in the beyond osteo FX product. Steve from Virginia has a question about natural blood thinners. Wes from Idaho has a question about what pH urine, blood and saliva is supposed to be.

Wednesday 29 March 2017
Talking about the benefits of ground flax seeds. Resveratrol is part of a class of compounds called stilbenes. Elaine from Alaska has a patient with early prostate cancer. GUEST – Cass Ingram author of The Wild Turmeric Cure. Turmeric is a rhizome with powerful medicinal properties. Curcumin is the pigment in turmeric. Turma Milk. Using turmeric for colon cancer and polyps.

Thursday 30 March 2017
Talking about polyphenols and stilbenes like resveratrol. Stilbenes are anti oestrogen and anti cancer. Diethylstilbestrol DES was used for cattle and pregnant women before 1980. The use of DES was banned because it is a carcinogen and causes birth defects. Be careful with hormone drugs they are powerful and potent drugs. Infant vitamin B1 deficiencies leads to poor motor function and balance. My from Toronto has been getting heart palpations and has eczema. Karl from Oregon has a birth mark.

Friday 31 March 2017
Repeat show from Tuesday 13 December 2016.