May 2020

Click Here Friday 1 May 2020 Contact tracers for coronavirus COVID19. Ask questions about the statistics for the deaths of coronavirus. We face a crisis of a lack of critical thinking. Koch’s Postulates establish a causative relationship between a virus/microbe and a disease. Don from Georgia has a comment about the agenda 21 for the coronavirus. GUEST Fawn Zwickel author From Omaha Beach to Nuremberg: A Memoir of World War II Combat. Talking about the difference between generations of people. Giving up human rights, lock downs and the world war two generation. The rights of the individual compared to the group.  Who determines the “great good”?

Click Here Monday 4 May 2020 When is the last time the CDC recommended supplementation. Inoculate yourself against the mind virus by critically thinking and asking questions.The only fear we should have is fear itself. Making the cure of the disease more grievous than the endurance. Social distancing will be rolled out in all aspects of society. Parkinson’s disease is partly an auto-immune disease. Diet, food and auto-immune disease. GUEST – Nicky Snazell author The Four Keys to Health. Physiotherapist and chronic pain. The effects of lock down on the body and immune system. Talking about vaccinations. Talking about the keys to health and life style. 

Click Here Tuesday 5 May 2020 Wearing a mask is not physically or mentally healthy. More men than women seem to be getting sick from COVID19 maybe because of testosterone and the immune system. Understanding the distinction between fatty nutrients and water soluble nutrients. Blood thickening, disease and viral infections. Don from Georgia asks about memes and mind viruses. GUEST – Carol Edmundston The healing power of Doodling. Talking about her experience with breast cancer and how she got into doodling. The benefits of doodling.

Click Here Wednesday 6 May 2020 The blood cardiovascular system needs to be clean and if we have dirty blood, our blood will thicken and clot. Oestrogen encourages clotting and coagulation of blood. Fucoidin is a good blood thinner. Robert from Nevada has a question about breast cancer and nutrition and changing you diet. GUEST – Edwin Baso author of Six thousand dreams: A Leaders guide to successful business transformation journey. Talking about changes in business due to coronavirus COVID19. Crisis means opportunity. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Click Here Thursday 7 May 2020 The blood system is extremely important for our health. Dirty blood primarily get polluted from the digestive system. Which in turn pollutes our cells. We need to move our bodies. Feed the blood, clean the blood, move the blood and oxygenate the blood. Karl from Oregon has a question about pain patches. Also a question about male enhancement. Dorium from Virginia has some unexplained weight loss, diabetes and fatigue. 

Click Here Friday 8 May 2020 Talking about the evidence for the coronavirus COVD19. Public policy has changed dramatically without any evidence just modelling. Socrates was killed for telling the youth to question authority. Sociopath society. Meta thinking. Amy from California has a comment shredded carrot salad. Dave from Minnesota has a question about whole food vitamin c. GUEST – Raleigh Sadler author Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking. People are more vulnerable now with COVID than ever. This will also apply to people being exploited in the aftermath of the coronavirus. Start small with helping vulnerable people.

Click Here Monday 11 May 2020 Ben’s favourite Youngevity products, Restart Your Life range Beta Glucan, FucoidZ, fucoidin, Zradical drink. The importance of the blood in relation to covid19 coronavirus. Zinc and copper. Rory from California has a question about sun spots on his face. GUEST – Faye Mandell author of Self Powerment. How to be powerful in your life. What you pay attention to will be come your reality. Pay attention to information from your body. What is this thing we call thoughts. Being in the present. We are addicted to our thoughts. 

Click Here Tuesday 12 May 2020 Post from Genene has a question about every surface being contaminated with coronavirus COVID19. Ben favourite Youngevity products Ultimate Niacin. The benefits of niacin. GUEST Peter Sage – Teacher and inspirational speaker. Personal growth through challenge. We have a nervous system that is wired for comfort, but our soul desires growth. The difference between Inspiration and motivation. Will power and motivation are good short term. Life is about experience and outside events only have meaning when we label them and give them meaning. Choose a model of the world that empowers you. 

Click Here Wednesday 13 May 2020 Ben favourite Youngevity products. No flush niacin niacinamide. FucoidZ, Zradical fucoidin and its many benefits. Grace from Florida has comments about the current coronavirus situation. GUEST – Dr. Allen Lycka author of The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life. Talking about how he was diagnosed with lou gehrig’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Over coming adversity. The pearls of wisdom we have inside all of us. Love is the first golden pearl. Inspiration. Vulnerability. 

Click Here Thursday 14 May 2020 Bens favourite Youngevity products, Egg protein powder I26 (immune 26) which works kind of like a vaccine. It gives the body an antigen and our immune system then make antibodies. Melatonin and the skin. Melatonin is a good antioxidant. GUEST – Ande Frazier author of Financially Free: 11 Conversations To Have With Yourself About Life, Money, And Worth. Talking about how to look after ageing parents. Behavioural finance. 

Click Here Friday 15 May 2020 Is coronavirus COVID19 an airborne virus? we need to ask to questions. Ben’s favourite Youngevity products, Ultimate Gluco-Gel, glucosamine, gelatin. Building healthy connective tissue is job number one for anti ageing. GUEST – Doug Vermeeren. Film called How Thoughts Become Things. Our thoughts being programmed from an early age. Deprogramming yourself. What exactly is a thought? Should we take all our thoughts seriously. How thoughts relate to feelings. 

Click Here Monday 18 May 2020 Repeat show from Monday 20 April 2020.

Click Here Tuesday 19 May 2020 Talking about mandatory vaccinations. Vaccinations, anti-biotics and medicines cannot make a population healthy. Bens favourite Youngevity products, Egg protein powder I26 (immune 26) and its benefits for digestive system. Don from Georgia is getting a lot of loud noises from his digestive system which he didn’t get before as well as gas. GUEST – Brooke Boles. The benefits of copper for the hair and skin. Copper pots for cooking. Hair and beauty products. The Look, an up and coming TV show. How to have beautiful hair, hair dye and grey hair.

Click Here Wednesday 20 May 2020 Bens favourite Youngevity products Ultimate enzymes. Digestive enzymes and proper absorption of nutrients. If you don’t break down proteins properly they can get into the blood and cause an auto immune response. Betain HCL for acidifying the stomach to active enzymes. Methylation MTHFR deficiency. GUEST – Christopher Macklin – Talking about spirituality and health. The spiritual emotional aspects of disease. Talking about covid19 coronavirus, vaccinations, vaccines.

Click Here Thursday 21 May 2020 Ben’s favourite Youngevity products, Restart Your Life range Beta Glucan products. How do you determine if someone has died from covid19 coronavirus. Hormesis and infectious disease. Sharon from Connecticut has a husband who has a pain in his groin after a surgery a few years before. GUEST – Steven McChesney. Copywriting made easy. Headline, a lead, a body and a call to action. The future of Marketing and advertising. How to market to the different generations, millennials, generation X and Z. 

Click Here Friday 22 May 2020 Ben’s favourite Youngevity products, Ultimate EFA plus. Essential fatty acids and skin health. Eicosanoids. Gina from Oregon has a comment about mandatory vaccinations. GUEST – Chris Burres. Talking about the molecule C60. Fullerene-C60 is a non-toxic antioxidant. ESS60 products for human consumption in olive oil. My vital C for better sleep at night.  

Click Here Monday 25 May 2020 Repeat show from May 4 2020.

Click Here Tuesday 26 May 2020 Talking about Ben’s encounter and conversation with a doctor talking about coronavirus COVID19 and how the mainstream medical model is brainwashed. A combo of fasting and vitamin C is effective for treating cancers. Ruby from California was diagnosed with IBS and is trying the fodmaps diet. Talking about homeopathy and how it compares to allopathic medicine. GUEST – Ananda Moore. Film called magic Pills. Talking about the dismissive attitude the medical model has towards homeopathy. Homeopathy and the placebo effect.

Click Here Wednesday 27 May 2020 Why do we trust the news to get our information from? Japan had no lock down and only 850 deaths. Essential fatty acids, dry skin and skin health. Brook Boles calling about The Look All stars TV shows which airs tonight. GUEST – Barry Shore founder of the Keep Smiling Movement. The fundamentals of Life. Life has a purpose. Go make a difference. Uncover the meaning simple words. Dealing with being paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Click Here Thursday 28 May 2020 CDC has slashed the death rate of covid. Always ask questions. Take your health into your own hands. Essential fatty acids have a long list of benefits and no toxicity. Brain and stomach connection, gut brain axis. Jamie from Missouri has had skin issues all her life. GUEST – Polly Tommey Vaxxed 2 the sequel. Talking about autism and vaccines vaccinations. Mandatory vaccinations. The coronavirus COVID19 vaccines vaccinations and it dangers. MMR vaccine and seizures. There is no safe vaccine.

Click Here Friday 29 May 2020 Diabetes and COVID19. diabetes is a lifestyle issue. BMI and body fat. Visceral fat and excess of ingestion of sugars and carbohydrates. Bob from Minnesota has a question about an HIV vaccine. GUEST – Aaron McCormick author of Unbounded: Journey to Your Within. How to turn round your financial situation. The path to financial success. Talking about empathy.