May 2024

COMING SOON Please find the archived radio shows on YouTube Channel ‘The Bright Side with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs’. Stay Tuned.

Here are brief points / key words talked about in respective radio shows are noted below. Please note the current audio/podcast links on the dates of show may no longer be active due to the closure of on May 5th, 2024; they may work for a while after, and eventually this links will be replaced eventually with YouTube links in our new channel ‘The Bright Side with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs’.

The Bright Side radio show talks about the World of nutrition and supplementation, the World of the Body, World of Biology and so much more are standard operating procedures. Recoveries by the standard of modern medicine can only be called a miracle. The healing, renewing, regenerating system is just how the body is designed and works.

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Saturday 4 May 2024: Body is fundamentally an electrical system. Bio-chemistry. Cells all have a frequency, they vibration. If you hit a cell with a frequency it will vibrate. Sound healing. Noise pollution. Electromagnetic pollution. Resonant frequency. Everything has frequency. Cymatics making structures out of sound. Electrical nature of the body. Water in our body is electrified, structured form of water. Pieces of electrical energy in the body. Quantum pieces called electrons and protons. Electrical energy. Every cell is able to conduct around 07volts of energy at a quantum level; bodies have about hundred trillion cells. Volt is the force electrons ‘push’ with so to say, and negative is a pulling effect. Acids and Bases. Dual nature of acid; feel the burn (lactic acid) in a way is a growth factor even though it is acidic. Delivering protons to the skin via AHA is a great way for your skin to stay healthy. Think frequency and vibration when speaking of energy. Our senses are ‘tools’ that sense frequency. The frequencies in the food are not nourishing us because the frequencies are not right. Book ‘Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn’t Food’ by Chris van Tulleken. Guest: Flica Rahn, vocalist, composer, former associate professor of music, voice teacher, sound healer, and author of The Transformational Power of Sound and Music: A Handbook for Sound Healers and Musicians, and co-creator of App Innergy Tuner. Sound bath. Sound healing can be very profound path. Addiction to technology like devices; dopamine. Our vocalizations boomerang back at us ‘self’. Experiment: Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments. Different music influences water particulates differently. Cymatics, a study of sound made visible. Sound frequency. Her music compositions are a result of many hours of study and research. Icaros, the magic song, medicine songs used by shamans in healing. Tuning, humming or singing is great to move toxins out of you.

Sunday 5 May 2024