October 2020

Thursday 1 October 2020 All chronic disease is associated with some sort of psychological, emotional, spirtual and mental aspect. Micro fats are your nutritional fats EFA’s and macro fats are triglycerides. Use symptom’s like dry skin to know how much fats you need. GUEST – Dane Stevens author of Reclaim Your Power To Create Your Best Life: How to Permanently Heal Unwanted Behaviours, Chronic Conditions, and Addictions. The Neuro Trauma Healing Process (NTHP).

Friday 2 October 2020 The distinction between fats and water. The endocannabinoids are fatty phtyonutrients. Dorium from Virginia how do you loosen stress and angst from your mind. GUEST – Nanci Danison author of the backwards trilogy. Talking about near death experiences.

Monday 5 October 2020 Distinction between fats and water. Electromagnetic frequencies and viruses have an effect on the cell membrane. We can protect our cell membranes using fats. All disease is about energy and the mitochondria produce energy for the cells. Phytonutrients interact with the cell membrane. Astragalus. Rick from Michigan has a question for Mr Sinatra, about supplements that boost ATP. GUEST – Steven Sinatra talking about metabolic cardiology. Heart Failure. Nutrients for ATP generation. D-ribose and ATP. Adenosine Triphosphate. Heart chakra and cardiology. Nattokinase.

Tuesday 6 October 2020 Metabolic medicine, mitochondria and the biochemistry of disease. Health and Disease is about energy and electricity. Fats are essential for this conduction of energy. The fear of change and defending against the fear of change. Knowing, cures the fear of change. The skin turn sun energy into chemical energy. Fats and electrical energy. GUEST – Dr Gayani DeSilva talking about re-entry anxiety. Difference between psychology and psychiatry. We have control on what’s on the inside. The microglia in the brain and anxiety.  

Wednesday 7 October 2020 The heart, brain and skin are dependant on the the two essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3. Maskne. Elaine from Alaska has a question about biochemistry. GUEST – Kevin Bailey. Talking about weight loss and exercise. Lean muscle tissue and burning fat. Nutritional strategies for not cheating on junk food. Loneliness and dependence and weight loss. Find your why. Why do you want to loose weight or get in better shape. 

Thursday 8 October 2020 Good fats and lipids are just as important as vitamins and minerals. Fats store and semi-conduct electricity. A semi-conductor is like and on/off switch. Fats play an essential role in how the cells process electrical energy. Bio-electronics.  GUEST – Gloria Chance, The Blend. Talking about imagination and creativity. Artificial intelligence AI. Author of The Female Factor. Heart disease in women.

Friday 9 October 2020 Talking about how cancer is a cell disease no matter where is shows up in the body. Cancer is our cells growing out of control. Lipid based cancer therapy chemotherapy using selenium. Platinum and cancer therapy. GUEST – Selenia Nadelman. Pathology and pathologists. What is cytopathology. Different methods of biopsy for different types of cancer.

Monday 12 October 2020 The sub-molecular world of health and disease. Poly-unsaturated fats have clumps of energy and are unstable. Essential fatty acids contain dense amounts of stable energy.  GUEST – Michael Betrus author of COVID lockdowns on trial. The princess cruise ship model. Disproportionate response to the pandemic. Herd immunity, vaccines and the mask issue.

Tuesday 13 October 2020 Repeat show from Tuesday 15 September 2020

Wednesday 14 October 2020 Repeat show from Wednesday 16 September 2020

Thursday 15 October 2020 Herbal medicine and the way plants turn sun light into sugar using chlorophyll. The the molecular structure of chlorophyll. Plant contain phytonutrients that are adaptogens. Deficiencies of essential fatty acids, vitamin A and E in patients with reduced fat absorption or intestinal failure. Nutrients for the intestine. Butyrate. Use your skin as a window to tell what is happening inside the body.  GUEST – Sara-Chana Silverstein author of Moodtopia: Tame Your Moods, De-Stress, and Find Balance Using Herbal Remedies. Herbs and adaptogens. Rhodiola. The quality of herbal supplements. 

Friday 16 October 2020 Water soluble vitamin C won’t absorb into the skin. Fat soluble vitamin C for the skin. There is an antagonist relationship and balance with nature. Survival vs thrival. Fear and love. The balance between essential omega 3 and  essential omega 6 fatty acids. The balance between inflammation and anti-inflammation.  GUEST – Flicka Rahn author of The Transformational Power of Sound and Music: A Handbook for Sound Healers and Musicians. Back to talk about her Ayahuasca ceremonies. DMT leaves and MAOI inhibitors in the banisteriopsis caapi vine. 

Monday 19 October 2020 Dr Emanuel Revici and fat soluble minerals for cancer cures and treatment. The cell membrane is the brain of the cell and is responsive to the environment. Inflammatory foods like fried foods and the wrong kinds of fats impair the immune system. Jo from Tennessee has a dark spot on her eye brow that she can peel off. GUEST – Joy Ohm talking about the big picture and what going on in the world. Understanding future change so that we can avoid suffering. 

Tuesday 20 October 2020 The cellular nature of the immune system. Fats are just as important for the cell membrane of the immune system cells. Essential fatty acids and HRT. Margarine is a terrible food. GUEST – Dr Brett Earl Outside The Box-Disruptive Thinking Medical Doctor-Specializing in Foundational Medicine with Western Med Background. The electrical nature of the body. Bio electricity. Digital body analyser, energy frequency, vibration and resonance.

Wednesday 21 October 2020 Lipid Peroxides are rancid, damaged and oxidised fats. The cell membrane is a like a computer chip and the cell is a biological computer or wetware. Electron transport creates energy from electron passing through the membrane. Don’t eat damaged fats, crunchy fats, burnt protein and sugar. GUEST – Jeanette Yoffe director The Celia Center. Talking about childhood trauma. Adoption and foster care for orphans in the current stressful times. Attachment issues.   

Thursday 22 October 2020 Essential fatty acid deficiencies are the major cause of dry skin and dry lips. They store energy which is important for all systems in the body. There are only two parent essential fatty acids. GLA and cytokine storms. Lydia met a dermatologist that said you don’t get vitamin D from the sun. GUEST – Rebecca Dawson author of The Agreement. She is an international teacher and author who has been sharing channelled wisdom for over 25 years. Talking about channelling in these modern times. Humanity’s consciousness shift. the relationship with our emotions. 

Friday 23 October 2020 Fats holds on to energy and water conducts electricity. Phospholipids do a bit of both. Elaine from Alaska has comments about vaccine lectures she attended. GUEST – Joanna Dodd Massey author of Culture Shock: Surviving Five Generations In One Workplace. The generation Z whisperer. Boomers vs millennials. How to communicate to generation Z. 

Monday 26 October 2020 We don’t tend to think of vegetables as fatty but the power of the vegetables is in the fatty nutrients. Pigments are usually found in the fatty part of the plant and steaming releases these fatty nutrients. Betaine, choline and lecithin helps digest and utilise fats. The role of lipid/fats metabolism in cancer cells. Cancer is a cell membrane issue. Robert from Nevada has a comment about viruses and what they are. GUEST – Will Sharon author of Dreaming in the 21st Century: An ancient experience in a new context. Are we dreaming while were are awake during the day. How to get information from our dreams about subconscious desires. Collective dreams.   

Tuesday 27 October 2020 Repeat show from Tuesday 29 September 2020.

Wednesday 28 October 2020 Repeat show from Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Thursday 29 October 2020 Talking about the myths of the low fat diet for heart disease. The key to the ketogenic diet is low calories not low carb. How to see the order in the chaos and make sense of it. Robert has a question about viruses and what they are. Viruses are little pieces of information. Nucleotides are the letters of the human body(DNA). A virus is a string of nucleotides(RNA). GUEST – Christine Arylo author of Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World. The concept of self love. It better to give and receive. 

Friday 30 October 2020 Lipo polysaccharides LPS and the digestive system causes dirty, sticky and thick blood. Leaky gut syndrome is one of the only ways foods get into the blood. Anything you can do to inhibit LPS into the blood stream will be beneficial to health. Robert from Nevada has a question about sun light and viruses. Sun light destroys the protective layer viruses have.  GUEST – Dr. Allen Lycka author of The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They’ve Discovered. Love and Fear.