October 2019

Tuesday 1 October 2019 Just because you take oestrogen or HRT and it improves mortality does not mean its good for you. Stress is our constant companion in the modern world. Stress in the context of rest is good. Chronic long term stress is an underlying feature of all disease. This also applies to when we eat. Working out in the gym is about short high intensity with lots of rest and nutrition. This allows us to build up slowly and gradually. We can also exercise or stress our skin. A common calcium channel blocker, blood pressure drug can cause diverticulosis. Chris has a comment about skin care and a food diary. Don from Georgia has a question about dermatitis or a rash.  Insomnia.

Wednesday 2 October 2019 There is no such thing as bio identical hormones HRT. Oestrogen breakdown products can be a problem and cause inflammation. Psychological worries are what we usually think of stress, however this also manifests itself as physical effects in the body. These stresses can suppress our immune system, effect blood pressure and our hormones. Psychodermatology is the link between the skin, immune system and the mind. Hormesis is the idea that our bodies growth and thrive with stress. We exercise our muscles to make them grow. We can do the same thing with our skin. Fried foods and cardiovascular disease and the association with mortality. can aortic anurisums and heart disease be prevented by diet. Ria from Japan is wondering how to take her supplements while she fasting. Melody has a question about how to maximise Ben’s alpha hydroxy acid truth treatment product and retinol product.

Thursday 3 October 2019 We get stronger and better when we are stressed in the appropriate context. Acid is like a switch that tells cells to move and work faster. we derive electrons from good food and nutrients help those electrons flow. Acid on its own is a problem but acid followed by electrons is good. Acid with no electrons will make a cell burn out. We need to stress our system when it can handle it. This also applies to the skin. Oestrogen is a stress management hormone and cholesterol is a stress management substance. Phytosterols can lower cholesterol but reducing you sugar intake is the best way to lower cholesterol. Ria Japan has a mother with nerve pain or neuropathy in her arms and hands. GUEST – Jessica Bedoer is an eating psychology coach. Talking about eating disorders. Dealing with food cravings. What happens in a typical session with an eating psychologist. Jessicadeboerhealth.com

Friday 4 October 2019 Talking about the hormone oestrogen. The missing link in HRT hormone replacement therapy is the clearing out of oestrogen from our bodies. This is the cause of the problems associated with HRT. oestrogen stimulates the cells to make fibres and this is where fibrotic skin conditions and fibrosis in the body occur. Using oestrogen for the skin is not a good strategy. The beauty and health of the skin depends on areas of the skin we can’t see. Doctors and dermatologist do not treat the cause of the problem which is an internal problem. First death in a spate of vaping sickness. Ava from New York has a question about having a stroke. Barry from New Orleans has a question about cryolite pesticide exposure and fluoride. Robert from Ohio has a comment about beauty is in the bone structure of the face.   

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