September 2015

Tuesday 1 September 2015
Hyper-pigmentation is a manifestation of the stress response. Skin conditions are sign of an internal issue. Melanin. Melanoma can occur throughout the body. The stress response and strain on the body. Making batteries from pigments. Josh from Kansas has been dealing with the herpes virus and is taking high dose vitamin C. Pam from California has two moles that she is worried about. Pam from California recommends Dr Mitchell Yass as a guest on the show.

Wednesday 2 September 2015
Hyper-pigmentation and skin lightening techniques. The adrenal glands and oxidation or burning. Adrenal burn out or fatigue. Clotting blood is a sign of the body in distress. Frank from PA had shortness of breath and was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis. Angela from Florida had food poisoning and noticed relief from her acne after fasting. Sarah from Tennessee had a stint put in her heart after a blockage.

Thursday 3 September 2015
If you have a skin condition you need to work on the inside of the body. Hyper-pigmentation, stress and the adrenal glands. Male and female infertility. Getting pregnant and having babies is one our primal directives. Stress, and adrenal hormones are the major reason for lack of conception. Robert from Colorado had a cut on his arm and treated it with bacitracin and then woke up with a rash. Eugene from California is over weight and suffering from a hernia and high blood pressure. Eddie from Illinois has a mother who had numbness in her face, possible stroke.

Friday 4 September 2015
The relationship between the adrenal glands and distress for healthy skin. The adrenal glands and kidneys are your blood pressure glands. Aldosterone is an adrenal steroid hormone. How the adrenal glands change the chemistry of the blood using electrolytes and minerals or salts. The body increases blood pressure when it senses an emergency in blood like low oxygen. Low salt diets are non sense. Proper salt is mixture of minerals. Table salt is just sodium chloride. Angel from Ohio has a question about B17 laetrile and cancer. Dan from Missouri has a question about cartilage and bone regeneration for athletes. Maria from Florida is dealing with burning in the mouth and lips and has diabetes.

Monday 7 September 2015
Repeat show from Friday 12 September 2014.

Tuesday 8 September 2015
Talking about melanin, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Melanin is found in all organs of the body. Melanin is an electrical molecule. Macro nutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrates provide electrical energy. Micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals help the movement of that electrical energy. Melanin sucks up photons. Melanin converts light into sound and electricity. Hyper adrenal activity, hyper-pigmentation and high blood pressure. Proper salt is mixture of minerals and table salt is just sodium chloride. Aldosterone. Herman from Texas has a question about a benign pre-cancerous mole his daughter had removed. Shane from North Carolina has just had a baby and is wondering about the vitamin K injection. Vaccinations. Ray from New York has a question about excess sebum or oily skin and has a receding hairline or male pattern baldness.

Wednesday 9 September 2015
Talking about the adrenal hormone aldosterone. Aldosterone increases blood pressure by releasing salts into the blood which attracts water into the blood. Aldosterone is a stress hormone. Article about how our genetics are to blame. Genes don’t just mutate for no reason. Genes are sensitive to their environment. Stress can cause changes in our genetics. ACE inhibitor drugs are poison. Maria from Florida is calling back about burning in the mouth and lips. Deborah from Texas was diagnosed with beast cancer and now the doctors have prescribed her oestrogen blocking drugs. Robert from Nevada has just started juicing and is experiencing loose stools. Joy from Florida has white hair and is loosing her hair.

Thursday 10 September 2015
Where there is chronic degenerative diseases there is a thyroid and adrenal issue. A silly study about alzheimer’s disease. Aldosterone is a stress hormone and controls fluid and salts in the blood. Chronic long term stress never gives the body a chance to regenerate. As aldosterone increases so does blood pressure and we loose salts. Vitamin D from sun shine reduces aldosterone. Marlene from Minnesota has a daughter with colitis and is taking asacol. John from Michigan has a 2 month old son with breakouts on his skin. Clint from Kansas has a question about wernicke’s encephalopathy.

Friday 11 September 2015
Talking about the chronic long term stress response and degenerative disease. Insomnia is a sign of chronic long term stress. Aldosterone is a stress hormone and controls blood pressure. Aldosterone pulls minerals from the cells into the blood and then water is absorbed into the blood stream by osmosis. Make sure to replace your electrolytes and get proper salt not table salt. Vitamin D from sun shine reduces aldosterone levels and lowers blood pressure. Graziano from California has friends with seizures and a question about ketogenic diets. Dustin from Ohio has been getting frequent fevers throughout the year.

Monday 14 September 2015
Talking about aldosterone and the stress response. Salt and electrolyte levels in the body decrease with stress. Long term chronic stress can cause salt and electrolyte deficiencies. Emotional stress can manifest itself as a physical effect. Organically bound plant derived colloidal minerals. Vegetables juices. LJ from Indiana wants to know how to reverse plaque build up in the arteries and increase elasticity in the blood vessels. Rose from Virginia has a question about pneumonia.

Tuesday 15 September 2015
The connection between degenerative disease and the thyroid and the adrenal glands. Menopausal symptoms and the adrenal glands. Relax the body with slow deep breathing. Chloe from Texas has a question about heart attacks in women. Karl has a urinary tract infection. GUEST – Viktoras Kulvinskas talking about enzymes. The difference between enzymes and micro nutrients. Processing food allergens like gluten using enzymes. “What ever you do not digest you end up wearing on your skin”. Enzymes for cardio vascular and circulatory health.

Wednesday 16 September 2015
Stress hormones and chemicals will suppress your immune system. Aldosterone is a stress hormone and controls blood pressure. We can control our stress response in the body. Under long term chronic stress we loose minerals and crave salt. Electrolytes and minerals in water. Vegetables juices and salt. Drinking vegetables that are fresh to get the most electrical value from them. Marlene from Missouri has a daughter who is fasting because of colitis and is feeling weak and nauseous. Joy from Missouri has a question about turmeric and curcumin and black pepper. Brad from Georgia is a cyclist and has hashimoto’s disease.

Thursday 17 September 2015
We can control our stress response. The more stress hormones we make the less happy and building hormones we make. We tend to be deficient in salt and electrolytes like potassium. Adrenal fatigue and hypotension. Weaning yourself off sugar. Gina from California has rheumatoid arthritis. Shaun from Virginia is experiencing head aches after taking his supplements. David from Texas had success with graves disease and has a question about enzymes and pepsin.

Friday 18 September 2015
Vitamin D and aldosterone are types of cholesterol. We need the sun for vitamin D. The non-sense of staying out of the sun and lowering your cholesterol. Sunshine vitamin D and food based vitamin D. Cholesterol and omega fats for skin healing and health. Vitamin A and D are more hormones than vitamins. Lisa from Washington has a mother in law with pancreatic cancer.

Monday 21 September 2015
Talking about the hormone systems of the body. Enzymes and dead processed foods. Hormones turn on the action of enzymes. Exocrine gland secretions include digestive juices. Endocrine hormones go into the blood. The adrenal glands. Shama from New Jersey has low blood pressure and a goiter. The bight side philosophy on general degeneration of the body.

Tuesday 22 September 2015
Talking about hormones and the glands that produce them. Gland cells secret hormones. Endocrine hormones are released into the blood. Pheromones are exocrine hormones. The spiritual nature of hormones. The pineal gland and the pituitary gland. Dirty blood is a problem for endocrine hormones. The chakras of the body and how they relate to the glands in the body. Sheryl from New York would like to know how to increase her calcium absorption. Chris from Maryland has a haematoma on his kidneys, is on dialysis and has polycystic kidney disease.

Wednesday 23 September 2015
Repeat show from Monday 22 September 2014.
Thursday 24 September 2015
Talking about chakras and how they relate to the glands and hormones of the body. The adrenal glands and stress hormones. Testosterone and oestrogen are our youth and vitality hormones. These hormones are types of cholesterol. To reduce your cholesterol reduce your sugar intake. Eric from Texas has a mother with hepatitis C, cirrhosis and ascites. Letter from Joyce who’s husband has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD and multifocal choroiditis. Letter from Danielle who has bell’s palsy, low energy and anxiety.

Friday 25 September 2015
The word hormone means arouse to activity. Hormones allow the brain to communicate with all of the cells of the body. When it comes to the beauty and look of the skin its about the inside of the body, the adrenal glands and hormones like testosterone and oestrogen. DHEA. Our bodies survival mode and menopausal symptoms. Beatrice from Texas has had success with acid indigestion and a pain in her hip. She is now dealing with a fibroid. Sharon from Colorado has a question about her triglyceride levels. Irene from California has a question about the colloidal mineral supplement. Lisa from Michigan is dealing with eczema.

Monday 28 September 2015
All the health issues that we have are issues that involve some kind of stagnation of the life force. As we become older we hold on to old concepts. The brain benefits from constant new connections and ideas. Depression is a sign of stagnation. It’s hard to maintain depression when you’re exercising vigorously. Health is action and movement. Enzymes catalyse chemical reactions which means they speed up reactions. Dead processed food means it has no enzymes. Hormones are responsible for enzyme action. The link between the skin and the adrenal glands. The stress response and skin issues. Nancy from Tennessee has a grand baby with a high IRT reading which might indicate cystic fibrosis. Toya from Oklahoma has a friend with sores on their scalp. Caroline from Washington has a friend with type 1 diabetes.

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Talking about hormones and health or lack of health. Beliefs and emotions and the placebo effect. We should become our own authorities. The is no disease without the hormones of fear. Karl from Oregon has skin and eye allergies. KC from Pennsylvania took his BTT dose all at once. Mary from Michigan has a question about sugar, carbohydrate and pasta. Bunny from Michigan has chronic joint pain and has had a hip replacement.

Wednesday 30 September 2015
Troubleshoot your own health problems. The mental and emotional components of disease. The link between our minds and our bodies. Thoughts and feelings effect and make hormones. Bunny from Michigan finishing her call from yesterday about joint disintegration and vascular necrosis. Pat from Nevada has a detached retina, hypothyroid and is over weight. GUEST – Julia Schopick author of Honest medicine. Talking about the ketogenic diet. Low dose Naltrexone LDN and auto immune diseases.